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I''m scared. :{


Hi ROBERT, Really started this morning for me, has carried into late afternoon. profoundly in my face. no la-te-da for this fish bowl head since neptune has been sitting on my pisces moon! let the games begin.question about "raise the natural to the human"?? I have found the natural to be at times above the human. how do you mean this please? Catherine


Hi Lee - Well, it is so close to my Sun that it no doubt will be exciting (and revolutionizing, and individuating, and renovating, and...!) I'm just affirming that the fracturing will allow my light to shine in its own unique way.

Hi Catherine - The "natural" and the "human" share characteristics at both the lowest and the highest level. Before individuation and after claiming our essential "nature," we and nature share a vibrational wholeness.

I used the phrase as Rudhyar once implied, that the natural world vibrates to the number 4 (4 seasons, 4 directions, 4 elements, 4 sections of the day - sunrise to noon, noon to sunset, sunset to midnight, midnight to sunrise - and so on and so forth.) Rudhyar made the distinction that to be human is to raise the vibration of "us" from 4 (animal human instincts, feelings, non-aware "herd mentality," etc.) to the 5, the number of individuation. He thought our job as humans was to raise the "natural" (4th harmonic) to the "quintessential" (5th harmonic).

This ties in with the esoteric mystery of us having 5 fingers and 5 toes on each side of our bodies, as well as 5 senses. We're not in Atlantis any more, and those who have mastered BEING the 5th harmonic now have the 6th and 7th harmonics open for potential exploration and mastery in lifetimes to come. Humanity must come out of bondage to the horizontal plane of 3D existence (very few animals take time into account) and claim mastery in the 4D and 5D vertical planes of consciousness, where we become masters of space and time as a function of evolution....


I think my current calling is to be that hero mentioned in a recent article titled, "Life’s Battles and the Spiritual Warrior..."

A warrior of the spirit dedicated to TRUTH & MORAL JUSTICE, I’ve always chuckled at the story of George Washington and the cherry tree, as I share his day of birth and have my own ‘I cannot tell a lie moment when I was a child.’ While in the same breath, I am a worrier, full of the fear of ineffectuality; but you’re right, Robert, when I get out of the way, I am braver than I know.

I’ve been in and out of court with an old landlord since Jupiter conj my Saturine Moon in Cancer back in June 2012. I’ve had 3 different landlords since June 2012 and they’ve all been as shady as an oak, and as self-righteous as oppositional Plutonians can be. As I prepare to move for a 4th time this coming June of 2014, echoes of eclipses of 2010 and 2011 are ringing in my ears. Only this time, I am skilled at packing and planning to never live in this county (after 20 yrs.) again, where a tenant’s right to adequate housing and freedom from retaliation are revoked by courts based on one’s skin color vs. who a landlord’s clan is.

Icing on the cake is, I currently have a landlord who calls me and visits me at work when he’s intoxicated to discuss unnecessary and/or inappropriate issues. It’d almost be comedy, if my complaints about this to the property owner (who’s his wife) hadn’t resulted in more harassment and eviction threats, despite owing them nothing.

Nonetheless, the warrior has called me, as I’ve been called to court too many times to defend myself against a particular former slumlord. Representing myself, I’ve managed to overturn one ruling against me decided with “extreme prejudice,” and am now working on overturning an appellate court ruling that rests on a judge's grand distortion of my testimony and a blatant denial of what is. I’ve no formal training in practicing law, just an overwhelming sense of Justice and a willingness to do the legwork.

So much is in play for my natal chart’s Grand Trine as this Great Fracturing draws nigh and Neptune has been conj my Sun for so long. At times, it takes all effort to remind myself to breathe. At times the Truth of what is tastes so sweet. The light of these articles are so brilliantly illuminating. Thank you.

Thank you, Robert!


I'm glad it's individuating. That is workable for me. The letting-go and releasing is hard for me right now, though.


Hey Robert, I love the way you put the New Moon in perspective as it relates to your Sun. This New Moon is only 17 arc minutes from my natal Sun. I'm a little anxious, but definitely excited. With a Libra rising, my hope is "the fracturing will allow my light will shine in a unique way" that is graceful, just & fair. Looking forward to your next writings on this New Moon.

Abby Alderson

I have chiron retrograde at 10 aries and ceres at 24 aries both in my first house. Bring it on. I am ready. I welcome the healing.


You are a sage. The radio show is helping me to let go of a relationship that has long overstayed its welcome. I feel fortified. Thank you.


I'm excited

Realist Idealist

I'm scared too :-(


Could it be said that the baggage was never ours to begin with? If this sludge is attached to us, then it is attached through identification with our ego, and the trials we endure are there to help us transcend an old identity construct. We can't really cast it off to others or blame them as if it is *their* attachment, since that only shows a lack of compassion. Instead we are always asked to give mercy, though I suppose we can't make anyone accept our offering, only sincerely wish them well and a release from whatever sorrow or difficulty is gripping them.


Bring it on!


Hi all - from a FB post, I was turned on to an excellent article on the New Moon in Aries at April Elliott Kent's Big Sky Astrology, Please go to the article, since it's really very good.

Anyway, I left this comment about the current New Moon in Aries in the major T-square with Jupiter opposition Pluto. It may help you understand the collision of forces that are all putting us "under pressure."

It's so true that there are forces that seem to be pulling us every way. forcing restraint, balance, and a sense of detached amusement (Jupiter's station) at the ongoing crunch of Uranus not giving an inch to Pluto, and Pluto not giving an inch to anyone. Sometimes remembering our freedom to choose as we will is the great blessing that allows us to move forward, despite the manipulations and coercions of the corrosive systems that are still strong.

Ananya Fisher

" There are no passengers on spaceship earth ... we are all crew." - Marshall McLuhan. The energetic portals beckon and we move through consciously, focusing on being as present and awake as possible ... moving through this powerful Pleiadian electo magnetic force field realigning our selves our intention - a second coming is here in our individual rebirthing ... we are interdependent organisms supporting this co-creative luminous mandala moving through the Universe each of us a point of color and light ... the stories we carry can be sorted like grain and chaff - no need to cling to the chaff, as it served its purpose long ago. Sun 14* Libra conj Asc/ transiting Chiron conj natal Moon, Quincunx natal Pluto/Sun; transiting Pluto sextile natal Moon and transiting Chiron ... the healing light is 'on'...may you all walk in loving kindness with your selves and one another ~ (When you feel fear, ask your self "where's my breath?" and simply be present with your breath ...effortless breathing.


Can't wait for the follow up.


On Saturday, I received an interactive computer mini lecture about the physical brain from a pre-med student. I am chuckling about it this morning since aries rules the head. I am so easily amused sometimes.

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