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Hi Robert, I looke dat my natal chart and transits. I saw that my true node is 14 capricorn in 5th house. Any thoughts? Catherine


What happened to people who cared about people? I just read this article and am losing my faith more and more by the day:

Is this part of the promise of the CGC?


Thanks Robert that's great advice to keep in mind on a daily basis. Human beings can find it so hard to cope with massive changes and unexpected events. I've found it useful to just focus on getting through each day at a time and most importantly trying to keep a sense of humour. Positive thinking always helps and lately keeping things in perspective, not catastrophising events. Best wishes, Helen (Leo)

Rand Russell

It's kind of strange to feel this balanced right now... I imagine it's that I have in my natal chart Uranus at 14 Cancer, close to my ascendant, Jupiter at 8 Aries, and Saturn at 7 Libra, Mercury at 12 Libra, Sun at 15 Libra and Neptune at 19 Libra. I think I'm trying to pull all my patient Saturn in Libra energies to bear, and balance the energies I'm feeling. Or else this fracturing is gonna get me unawares!


Great wisdom. Steady on the till untill we get through the dire straights, then the sailing will be smooth.
Hope, courage, trust and patient. Keep on a deep keel and weather it out.
Blessings be to all,


Hi Robert
According to my natal chart I think I have a libra in my 10th house at 11 degrees. I also see uranus is in libra in my natal chart. Does this mean I am in for a surprise careerwise?
Dob is 20 March 71 ... born Uk at 1.55am.
(Have also noticed a total solar eclipse on my birthday next year)

What does it all mean? Xx


Hi Catherine - Pluto on your NN will be most activated when the Moon makes aspects to Pluto. That will show you how you're getting to the core of your line of greatest development this lifetime. Be responsible, and influence is yours!!

Hi George - Glad you checked in. I suspect this era began when the system began to gun down children on college campuses in 1970. Reagan just made it fashionable to have an attitude of "I've got mine. Get yours or get out of the way." Bare knuckle predatory capitalism was unleashed under bad actor RR and the man behind the curtain, Mister Head Spook and not-nice-guy Poppy Bushy. Since then John Birch Society philosophy has increasingly come into vogue. We can only hope that the recent bust of how the high speed traders have been skimming billions off the top costing everyone a lot more is the beginning of the fracturing of the bankster game.

Hi Helen - You're right in that a sense of humor is indispensable to dealing with the pressure! And yes, since we're learning to train our brains and feelings to stay put in the NOW, then "one day at a time" is a good reminder to stay with what is rather than all the other speculative stuff that rattles around.

Hi Rand Russell - So Jupiter has shown you your individuality even though Uranus is also under pressure from the pandemic chaos of Pluto. I know your chart well. Find a creative challenge, see the usefulness of "soft power," and bide your time while remembering your Jupiter has been awakened. Using Capricorn energy wisely is the key to everything.

Due to the Libra void going on, it could be said that some element of your Light, Mind, and Ideals are the solution to any problem in your world. Of course, balance is always a good thing that we're all learning, one way or another, via Mars RX. I still think that this fracturing could ultimately spell true spiritual victory for those of us who are willing to not be attached to old forms. The fact that they could be fractured to begin with shows the impermanence of such things and the necessity that at some point they would give way to other more stable things.

Hi Nic - Thanks. Your recommendations are excellent. All storms teach us good sailing/surfing skills.

Hi antonia - It means that something should be jolted loose in your professional or public area. With Uranus there, you get to march to your own drum this lifetime, whether you want to or not. You're certainly here to do a "one of a kind" thing, or something unique to another era. You'd probably make a great restorer of art, musical instruments, etc, or a good counsellor with a great sense of proportion. More than that is beyond the scope of this comment stream.


Hi Robert,
Nice to come here and chill. Your calm, wise words always a soothing balm and timely reminder not to let the noisy world deafen us to our sacred Selves.

No void in Libra for me: 12/13 Mercury chart-ruler cj Pallas! And, like Catherine, (Mars cj) NN 12 Cap. But I just survived second Sat return and, altho tr Sat is exact cj prog Sun cj prog Venus, I think I've gotten my sea legs. The eye of the hurricane for me was the Sat Uranus opposition (on my Sun/Asc) back in 2008.

Been a long, cold, hard winter in these here parts, and yesterday I came on a young garter snake trying to warm up in the feeble first sun of spring. I knelt down and we eyed each other, he, tasting the air for me with his wonderfully red tongue. At times like these, I say, let the gods in their heavens do as they may, life is sweet in this here and now.


Even though Mars is doing his fabulous retro in my 9th house, tap dancing atop my natal Jupiter, no less, I opted to spend this whole season overseas. It's actually been totally transformational, and I feel like I'm shedding old patterns so fast that I'm shifting into a different me, a different reality every quarter of a day. I can't keep up with it, so I'm just leaning in.

I used to be on top of all the news, not just the normal media bumble, but I get overseas news and also scientific news. Part of my work is talking to farmers about things like climate change. I was also very pessimistic and felt a sort of horror at being part of the human race. I completely understand that point of view. But I'm also very relieved to have it drop away in the past couple of days.

Collectively, we've engineered ourselves into an awesome stupid mess. And we may be so mentally and spiritually lazy that we wait until it is really too late. Perhaps that time is already past. But I also look around me and see good people, and creativity and people living their values even when it's not the most convenient path. I see this, but it's not as interesting, as morbidly fascinating, as staring into the eyes of unbelievable, epic greed and apathy.

I talk to people who are running sustainable ethical food businesses all over the world. One thing they always seem to confide in me is that they feel alone. They feel a little defensive. They get a little worn down by the wall of apathy they have to deal with...people who don't care why what they are doing is important for everyone. When I tell them that is not so, that really all I do is talk to people just like them, and that the tide will turn, is turning, they absolutely light up. You should see it! It gives them energy to keep their positive mindset, to feel like they are not alone in some corner of the world struggling against forces that can't be conquered.

I notice that I feel much better when I focus on what great things people are doing around me. Just normal people, not superheroes. It's not always ground breaking, but it's just each person deciding what really matters to them and that they are going to do what they can to make things better. That gives me energy and a feeling of encouragement that I can then transmit to others who sorely need it.

Sure, the greed and horror stories are still there, but I don't bother with it. It doesn't give me anything that I can then give to others. I don't know what the end result of all this will be, but there is absolutely no benefit to anyone to focus on what is abhorrent. It's morbidly fascinating, to be sure, but ultimately it saps our energy and dulls our hearts. Look for what is good. If you don't see it, BE what is good and admire your beautiful reflection in the mirror. We are not alone, and no matter what evidence you see to the contrary, we are growing and are stronger than appearances would lead you to believe.


I need help

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