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Very interesting post and timely too.
A clear view of what is happening and of what we can expect to come in the very near future.
Thanks Robert.


How very appropriate and timely! Thank you!
Greatly affected here: 07/23/1977, Asc 24Cancer, Sun 00Leo-1st,Saturn 17Leo-1stor2nd, Moon 25Libra-4th, North Node 18Libra-4th,Pluto 11Libra-4th,Venus 18Gem11th, Mars 4Gem-11th, MC 6Aries
On March 18th, on the way to work,I was involved in car accident that aggravated a back injury from a March 2009 accident. This injury has made it impossible for me to perform the duties required of me at my current place of employment, which is not a healthy situation for me anyway.I was trying to talk myself into staying, because of the money and familiarity.Clearly,Life has other plans.I'm scared, but I know that ending the relationship, ready or not, is what is best for me. I have good feelings about my next position, wherever that may be. I'm a Nurse, and I have other options. I may not make as much money on the hour,in the other positions, but I do have options. I'm also considering going back to college,and making a career change.

This morning, at approx. 6:15am, I was involved in yet another car accident! I am beginning to feel like I just want to hide away,maybe not leave the house until it all blows over! The coming Lunar Eclipse is conjunct my Natal 4th house moon,and quite frankly, I'm more than a little scared! I've often used the concept that sometimes God lets things break/fall apart, so that he can rebuild them, making them better, and stronger than before, to get me through my trials and tribulations. I will continue to hold this concept very close. I will do my best to remain calm, stay open,take action,be patient,flexible and willing in the coming weeks and months,as I so keenly feel the energy of the changes/disruptions/upsets to come.
Robert, thank you SO much for the work you do!In addition to learning from you, I also find you and your work, an inspiration, and a comfort!
Bless You!
Elizabeth :)

Jo Garceau

Robert, I was born 2 days after FDR was elected the first time. I have a yod at 18 degrees Aries as a midpoint between Moon at 15 and Uranus at 21. I am intrigued with the global and personal closure resulting from the transiting Mars Sun opposition, the Lunar Eclipse, and the cardinal grand square.

When FDR was elected, Uranus was at 21 degrees. Looks like a new way of doing politics in America in the next cycle.


Working well, 9th House Cancer Sun, 10th house Leo MC, Transpluto, Uranus/Mars conj, Nth Node, !st house Scorpio Neptune, 6th house Aries Desc and I am loving seeing what I have "known" for so long, on the horizon, its called HOME! Grateful for my 12th house Libra moon and ascendant giving me the way to heal along with my Chiron in Pisces 4th opposing 10th house Pluto to give service others well,it is done, I am safe! Below is a link to the song I have been drawn to listen to and sing along with recently to help me feel it and keep going through what has looked like insurmountable obstacles outside of me, just in case it helps anyone, as like Robert, music was and is my first realised passion, it give a way to lift the spirit, so I hope you wont mind my sharing Robert, Namaste!


Ps, I used to love the Nina Simone version, this one is equally amazing in a different way :)


26 Libra/Aries, is my ascendant/descendant axis...


well for me it is squarely on my natal neptune at 18 degrees 56 minutes in my 11th house or 12th house with Porphyry :)

but it is seemingly about strife transcending for sure - and I think the conjunct to neptune is causing me to struggle for more consciously for more balance here

and too, the quarter moon square seemed to activate it, full force


I have to say, I am really being very efficient and getting a lot of energetic help to break up some "log-jams", as you wrote of before, with these squaring and opposing energies. I really appreciate all your information, guidance and tips!
Thanks again.


Not so healthy. Not as detached as I thought. I never realized how rattled I get over the high risk people in my life. I really dislike seeing them fall. But it's out of my control. Got to get okay with this.


"In this respect, sometimes the comfortable hell we know must be left behind for the unknown heaven awaiting us." Ouch! You put it so finely, but the truth of the matter still pangs. Sigh. All healing in time I guess.


Robert, some time ago I read an article of your's explaining astrology and that it was a predictive science, not a fortune/future teller. If we understand what is happening astrologically, we are aware then of what possibilities can happen. I hope I understood this correctly.

What I don't understand is all this doom and gloom about the Great Fracturing that seems by all in this industry to be gauranteed? It's going to happen, be prepared, and you are going to experience bad things. Why is this so different than your explanation of astrology itself? Or maybe I am not understanding any of this. If so, please excuse me. Thank you.

PS. Glad you are still thinking of your kitty. I know it's bitter/sweet but the sweet is so good. I always smile when I think of my kitty.


Hi Nic - Thanks for the praise of the work, and for hanging in there during this very extreme time. Viva la comunidad!

Hi Elizabeth - I figured if we took a look at Sun opposed Mars many would understand the dynamics in ways that could help them. Sorry you're dealing with a literal crash. Spirit may very well be telling you that you have more options than you believe, and you must cut loose from the old knowns to embrace better unknowns. Pretty much you have some time before Mars goes direct, so find balanced ways to approach easing into the next life chapter. Lunar Eclipse conjunct Moon shows old ways of life at an end. Just remember than nothing can end unless it's time is done. So stop fearing, accept that Spirit is showing you a greater freedom and potential for effective living, and just maybe there really isn't another shoe to drop! Maybe you're done?

Hi Jo - Yes, given the 30s was both Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Cancer AND the Grand Irrationality preview via the Neptune in Virgo septile Pluto in Cancer, we're seeing a bit of a redux here. I can only wish something huge would sweep out all the venal parasites in all branches of government, and we'd have one that actually works instead of the current FUBAR system.

Hi debbie - Jupiter in Cancer will no doubt be good to you and for you. Thanks for the link to a great smoky number. Sometime music can remind us to lighten up and enjoy life! And "feeling good" is always a good thing. The coming eclipse will help end the old self image and introduce a new way of being in your world.

Hi christy - Yes, this is helping you recalibrate your ideal, and you should have a different sense of inner equilibrium after the final pass of Mars through Libra.

Hi Maria - You're most welcome. Sometimes breaking up a log jam helps the river flow again.

Hi caliban - So you're going deeper. Nyet problema. Seeing others take a fall merely reminds us not to be in their way when they crash. Knowing what's out of our control is a very good skill to cultivate.....

Hi TB - Yes, well, having been shipwrecked in hell in the past, it was weird to find myself back in this world through no conscious effort once I had fully examined what was dead and what I no longer needed to be attached to. Besides, there isn't much point in being attached to forms, since they all eventually pass away.

Hi Norm - My view is that nothing is predestined except a) to have been born when, where, and into the family we were, and b) the timing on our choices. Everything else is free will, whether our own or that of others who we may or may not know (for ex, we don't control the price of gas, but someone's free will is at work in determining that price.)

Astrology is predictive of possibilities. Most people are superstitious, and so believe that all extraordinary configurations that could lead to difficulties mean they MUST lead to difficulties. This of course is erroneous. That said, some things must "fall apart" in their given season. That's just part of being in an impermanent reality. The fact that we are prepared may or may not lessen the impact of the configuration.

Again, in my case, a tooth fractured on its own. A problem? Yes, but not unexpected, since I was aware that it had more filling than tooth. Just made me move up the repair process a few weeks for something that was already in motion. But my other fracturing was not an inevitability, except that the people involved chose very unhealthy, nasty, and unkind responses to one innocent question. They chose to fracture the relationships when they didn't have to. So when it comes to human free will, everything is on the table, and very little can be predicted about how someone will respond. People do often choose contrary to their best interests, based in whatever delusions are driving their boat. Once they respond, the rest, including the timing on future consequences, can easily be seen.

And to note, I'm sure the Great Cat smiles upon your kind consideration for all Her local manifestations, both your own teacher as well as mine. After all, in our grand universe there are greater and lesser priorities....

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