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Jason Powers

Oh how busy I'll be in 2106! At first, I thought it could be a typo.

Here's to hoping the shift in energies successfully helps all. The world will turn obviously, and pain still will exist, but the cycles you reiterate frequently can be quite good, one hopes.

Happy 4th!, Robert. You always write insightful pieces. No doubt in touch with Divine Mother.


Thank you Robert! My natal Pluto is at 2 Virgo...any thoughts on how Transpluto operates on a personal level in relation to Pluto? With much appreciation for all you do -


Your Highness.....Is there a spot where I can find how she affects the far it's a bust. Thx...


Hi Robert, thank you for the article. Very little is written on transpluto in relation to transits to personal planets or through the houses. It's trining my sun at 0 47 Taurus and I'm not sure how to interpret how that might play out. I would greatly appreciate your thoughts. Thank you


Dear Mr. Wilkinson,

Is it possible to let me know how transpluto will affect me the upcoming years?
I was born on 27.12.1952 12:00 'o clock in Cologne Germany.
I have Pluto in Leo 6th house. My average black moon in Virgo and my true black moon in Leo.
Thank you very much for your time and effort.


Hi all - Unfortunately, there is nothing out there on the influence of TransPluto in the houses, or signs, or how it affects individual charts. You're getting original material here. This is pretty much all there is.

Because it moves so slowly, its influence in our lives (based in what house it's in) can last literally 50 years. For example, mine is 5 Leo 39 RX in my 12th. It transited within one degree of my Asc (10+ Leo) between late 1958 and mid 1965. In the almost 50 years since then it's moved 18+ degrees. And it's still in my first house, and will be for at least 10-20 more years.

Here's a thought experiment: wherever you have 24 Leo to 1 Virgo is where TransPluto has transited from 1994 to now. See how Divine Mother has protected, redeemed, or blessed that area of your life. Look at the aspects She made to your natal planets as times when the Divine Protector/Redeemer was in a relationship to that planetary part of you.

A trine to a natal planet shows harmony of understanding. A sextile would be productive relationship of Divine Mother to that part of you. A conjunction would indicate that Divine Mother is with that part of your Being. A square from transiting TransPluto would show Divine Mother is putting the brakes on that part of your Being, or helping that part of you turn a corner and express differently. In the example above, a trine from Divine Mother to a Sun would be a clear understanding of how the on-going (transit) Divine Feminine is harmonizing your Light/Life.

Beyond these brief examples, it would be impossible to offer you everything about how this works. Just too many possibilities. It would require a book, and I'm already trying to finish one, work on two more, and still compose these articles. But readers can figure out how this is working in your lives. In that sense, to quote the Bard, "you don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows."


This is perfect Robert, I felt this door open recently very strongly. Cybele and Babalon summoning their devotees.

Jo Garceau

"As it is the transpersonal planet that is farthest out in our Solar Systemic evolutionary scheme, it is an energy that is so vast and all-encompassing that it is usually experienced only on the broadest and deepest of levels by those with a global sensibility (or those who are chelas of Divine Mother in all Her manifestations, of course!"

Robert, with the Sun opposing Pluto and conjuncting Sirius on July 4 and 5 and with Transpluto moving into Virgo at the same time, some of us are feeling a great deal of expansive energy. One of my friends had a migraine headache and another described her head as having a tight band around it at the temples.

Do you recommend a particular meditation to move the energy to earth?


Fascinating Robert! My Pluto is in Virgo in my second house but the degree is far off at 20. (Scorpio) Love to know how this may resonate personally - feeling some immediate effects, perhaps. Over the past month, I felt my heart opening after a long period of intense self-focus/personal journey. Wishing to explore how the skills I've gathered can contribute more directly to well being of others - less theoretically/conceptually and more therapeutically. Ongoing interest that I've had to keep on the sidelines in hospice and palliative care....grateful for any observations.


Hi Jo - I suspect it's the Sun opposition Pluto that's creating any pressure. The Sun trine Saturn is a great time to make time our ally, and learn not to clutch as we flow through a greater medium of feeling.

In my meditations, when I want to tune into that which is beyond Pluto, I surrender to the Divine Grace that She represents, and remove myself from the need to see Divine Law (karma) work out in ways I would like to see. When it comes to attuning to Divine Mother, I am receptive to a vaster redemptive Is-Be-ness rather than try to effort toward doing something. While She wants only good for all sentient Beings and "All-That-Is," She is so vast we really can't do much except get out of our own way and directly experience the vast Grace that She Is.

To everyone who reads this: I believe the main point here is DO NOT TRY TO INTERPRET THIS ENERGY IN TERMS OF YOUR PERSONAL LIFE AND AFFAIRS. It works impersonally. This is the vast redemptive Mother Force of God. It is beyond the Individualized Spirituality of Uranus, the Collective Spirituality of Neptune, and the Absolute Transformational Death/Resurrection Spirituality of Pluto. This energy is beyond all of these.

It is in play whether we know it or not, cooperate with it or not, or even whether we believe in it or not. While we may become the conscious agents of Divine Mother on Earth, it's still nothing personal. We can become agents of her Grace, but only from a place of receptivity, renouncing any and all tendencies that run counter to Divine Grace.


Thank you Robert. You're quite right; it's not about the personal and good to reflect on how She has been present to this point.

Jo Garceau

Robert, thanks for the response. Good comment.

Karen Keating

Hi Robert,
This new energy is thrilling beyond belief! It is so beautiful to feel how we are being called upon to let go of the old Kali Yuga energies and flow into the fresh and energizing realm of Divine Grace. Wow! Bring it!

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