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Thanks Robert!

Diane S.

Hi Robert, thanks so much for this post. It is so right on time for me! And thanks for the Tubthumping link.


Hello Robert,

As always, another article well thought out and all bases covered. I definately agreed with what you wrote and for the most part a good direction. But I have to say, I feel really bad for this person and all that are looking for work, although like many subjects, your direction may work for many, but not for all. Maybe even not the many. Famous wive tales, and intelligent sayings handed down, not to mention just plain old common sense, give us a direction to start with, I'll give you that.

For me, at sixty I can't find work, and like you say as there is always something out there. No there isn't. I can't get hired at my age and with now being three years out of my profession, and I know I will never return. I can't get a reply for any position in that field. Then, you look to take anything, but when applying for a dishwasher job, they say I am way overqualified and say "you're not going to stay and will leave as soon as you can". Are they wrong? No. I tried washing cars and they wouldn't reply either in person,on line, or on the phone.

So as a younger man, a contractor of build outs of which I could always fall back on, I cannot do anymore. My joints just won't allow that type of work anymore. So follwing another path, or using other skills you may have really and honestly is not the answer either.

I always enjoyed cars so I applied for work as a detailer, to a couple different places, of which I heard no reply. I think I applied at every fast food franchise there is, and nothing. My resume details my work history for GM, Director, Manager, Operations, and you can't change your history even though I dumbed it down as much as possible.

So I feel for this person. I feel a lot for their pain. It's not as easy as some make it out to be. I know in my lifetime, I will never see the economy again of yester year. Service jobs galore at min wage. Just great.

I'll never forget an interview I watched about Paul Newman. He said it was all luck how things played out in his life that gave him the oppotunities to start a career. He said he thanked God every day.

Zig and zag, try and try, don't do this, do that, it doesn't work for everyone. As I am preparing having to live in my car in the next couple of days, I feel for this person that is discouraged, because like myself, you never know when you may be the next statistic. I wish all unemployed and under employed well and my prayer each evening is for all of you.


Hi Jasvin and Diane - You're most welcome.

Hi Norm - No one ever walked up to me and handed me a job in my life, so I've had to think on my feet and keep learning skills for almost 50 years. When younger, I was refused countless times more than I was ever accepted. But I just kept learning, kept applying what I knew and wind up here at 63 just doing my thing. Even at my age, I have about 6 or 8 marketable skills if the internet ever went away.

Few can now find work because the country doesn't value talent or initiative. So find a new way to view your past skills and find a new way to communicate or describe them to a market that desperately wants someone it can rely on. Help is easy to find. Good help is hard to find.

Cultivate a new skill that the world needs. There are plenty of jobs that need to be filled, but we have to be better than the mediocrities that are churned out of the system. I've also been refused for being overqualified more times than I can count. So I just kept learning skills that people wanted.

I never did service jobs, except a brief gig as a temp word processing expert. But I did learn the art of coaching people on constructing resumes that actually work. Stop thinking in terms of jobs. Think in terms of life skills. You have plenty. There are a bunch of people that need people who are mature, reliable, and skilled at what they do.

Truly, may you find an unusual gig that is perfect for you. The tag team retrogrades of the past 9 months are over. Move forward without pessimism or skepticism. Read "You can heal your life" by Louise Hay. Lots of used copies out there. Reprogram your expectations, your receptivity, your willingness to hear your inner voice and be led to the perfect gig for you right now. And don't prejudge a gig just because it doesn't fit your conception of who you believe yourself to be. There are plenty of jobs out there, from nanny to paralegal, that don't require much training but do require diligence and attentiveness. There are others, of course.


Thanks Robert!


Diane S.

Hi Norm,
Sending you good vibes and prayers. Altho it's easy for me to say 'cause I'm not in your situation, after reading your brief work history, you DO have a whole range of skills to offer. You have a lifetime of experience and knowledge...simply by having been in this incarnation for 60 years. And you didn't get to be Director, Manager and in Operations by being a slouch. You're STILL that same man (well different now certainly, but you get my drift), only you're world has been wobbled quite a bit.

I've lost a job twice in my administrative career and both times was out of work for a while. Certainly not as long as you, but I get the frustration you're dealing with. Don't give up on you! I think Robert has given excellent advice to all of us. I've been working for the same non-profit organization for 28 years. I started there at the age 35 and will turn 63 on the 15th of this month (yay for me!). I'm almost embarrassed to admit that. Who even does that anymore? I knew it wasn't a good fit after two years. I stayed because at the time you had to be there 10 years before your Pension was vested. I stayed because of fear. My thinking was, I'll stay 10 years to get my Pension vested and then leave. And then comfort set in. I've taken classes and workshops all the while in the quest to find something other than administrative. How I envied people who had a passion for their work. And how interesting the ways God/the Universe works to wake you up. I have had a whole host of illnesses in the past 10 years. The last two years I've had some really serious health issues. I've kept bargaining with myself. Stick it out. Put in your time. I operated the change you wish to see in the world. You can make a difference here. All the while the fear part was always running in the background, you need the pay & the benefits. Don't get me wrong, I've been grateful but they've come at an extremely high price. Conform, conform, conform or pay the price...they try to crush any individual thinking, try and make you think you are the problem...for speaking the truth. To say it's highly dysfunctional is an understatement. I won't bore you with all the dramas. Woe was me. Then I shifted my perspective and realized the gifts that I learned about me and how I operated in life. My latest bargain was, just put in 3 more years to get higher social security. I've come to realize I can't do 3 more years there. It's true that what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger. I have gotten stronger and grown in so many ways, but a light bulb (dear God, finally!!!) just dawned on days before reading Robert's article that if I don't leave this job & the toxic environment, it very well may kill me. Sounds dramatic but it rings true for me. You worked for a large corporation, so you know the soul sucking dynamics at play. I now find I'll be 63 and looking for a job. I know....I have the luxury of having a salary while looking, but I've got to push past my own fears of being this age and starting a new career.

But hey, I've gotten wayyyy off track here. I didn't want to make this about me...just trying to relate I get your frustration and feeling of hopelessness.

I think I can safely say that the Aquarius Papers community are keeping you in their thoughts & prayers and are rooting for you. We're Team Norm! Keep on keepin' on Norm. GO NORM! Have faith in YOU and God/the Universe. All the best to you.


Hello Diane, and thank you for your concern.

Robert and I have had a couple exchanges through the years publically and privately, I think the last one was regarding the loss of both our kitty's, and he has always been good man and respect his opinion. My note to him was not to direct the topic regarding myself, but rather to tell him that with all the hope, dedication, famous sayings written by famous people, not to mention common sense, it's just not that simple for many, and imparticular the peron he was referring to in his article.

There are many, many people out there that have it a lot worse than this person who was looking for a job, and myself. So I am sure that peron along with myself is still grateful for what we have, as the saying goes "it can always be worse".

It's just that many people do give it their all as Robert has advised, and do everything in their power, and use patience and understanding, and for some people things sometime till don't turn out, ie "the haves and the have nots".

And although the advise was good and well thought out, not to mention a little astrology in there for a little extra "umph", it's not always "the answer". It doen't work for everyone, and you have to feel for them. You do.

I'm sorry to hear about your job and health issues as well, and sincerely hope your health issues improve or can be managed for you. And yes, I am well aware of the dysfunction and politics in the work place brought on by very insecure and incompetent people. Sometimes you wonder "who hired these people anyway"? And whoever did, why do they still have a job?

The long and short of it is that I really feel bad for those who do try, appreciate how desperate they are, and I know they have been offered (whether that wanted it or not)all the advice in the world and sometimes it is from people who never been that desperate, have lost everything, and/or are homeless. Generally speaking. I always like the saying that goes like "you have no right to comment on my situation unless you have walked a mile in my shoes". Or something like that.

Robert and the community here are the best. Straight up good people. Well, I just wanted to write and say thank you for your kindness, and may God Bless You.

Diane S.

Hey Norm,
Yikes! I should've just left my post as the last paragraph...instead of straying off into my story. Sorry. Still wishing you the best. Go Norm! :)


Hi Norm - You're definitely not alone, and have whatever emotional support this community can give. Your comment reminded me that recently I heard from a client of many years who said his own life, health, and career completely fell apart, very much as you've described your situation. He was fairly hopeless just a few weeks ago, and thought he'd be on the streets. He applied for disability (since he has truly become disabled the past two years) and was told he'd have to wait for months. It all turned around recently in about 48 hours and he's on his way to a new state, a new life direction, and has just enough of a financial and human support system that he's willing to try to move forward from here.

Please look for the trickle which can lead to the stream which can lead to the river which can lead to the ocean. Everyone has skills that someone wants. And if no one wants your skills where you are, it may be time to figure out plan B, since one cannot find pineapples in a potato field. Either we have skills that are needed, or we have to learn new ones that are needed, or we have to go somewhere else. All these are within our power.

Having been on the streets many years ago with literally nothing, I found that if I was willing to work harder than the next guy in the dishroom or kitchen, I got the hours. 6 am scrubbing two tons of potatoes for baking that day? No prob. At another point, as long as I was willing to show up at 4 am, I got the gig as a temp doing word and form processing. If I was willing to learn anything "they" wanted me to learn, I got the hours.

While it's tough being not young and unemployed, we can always find something somewhere that pays us whatever until we find a better gig. And sometimes we have to make our own work. We just have to decide we're going to do whatever it takes to get across the River Styx from an old life to a new.

While it can get discouraging, that won't get the gig. Only determination will get us where we want to go. I have been discouraged unto death in my life more than once. Never helped much, but my determination to move forward, not allowing anything or anyone to cloud my intention, has always worked for me and everyone else I've ever known. I suspect it's part of being human.

While people know you may not be around for that long, you can prove you're better than anyone else they could hire. And there is a huge demand in some fields for those trained in such things, from baking bread to entertaining at children's parties to being a paralegal to being a nanny to any number of other possible things to do to make money and have some fun.

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