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« Have Some Evil Space People Really Stolen Our DNA (Or Whatever)? Are There Evil Entities That Want To Enslave Humanity? – Pt. 1 | Main | Astrology in August 2014 – Squares, A Finger of God, and the Grand Irrationality In Play Right Now! »



yes, but we also are walking with other entities, I have witnessed shape shifters. the answer is to remain natural not to be effected or create duality, just let the beat go on.


Robert the original idea behind the space invaders is basically that we are trapped in the land of duality created by the planets which are in charge of our fate. The evil aliens were just substituted recently behind this age old idea of being subjected to life controlled by planets. These planetary control over our evolution is what is considered "Evil" and something people must do to escape such as seek moksha or nirvana. It is being stuck in this cycle of birth and death, repaying our karma from which people want to escape and the suffering that is found under such conditions considered bad or evil. Aliens are just a pseudonym for the planets in astrology. The question is as a soul how do you escape the planetary influence and move beyond? How do you attain moksha?

Susan McCarthy

From being raised by a very strict Catholic woman and the constant pounding of the Devil and all the evil things and me not getting any of this at an early age!! THANK YOU!! I still have to take a deep breath when she starts into this mantra. As far as she is concerned my way of thinking (which is your exact words) is the Devil at its best. I bless her on her path and hope that when she evolves into the next world, she is at peace with how it really is.


Hi Catherine - I'm merely addressing the illusion that some sort of "space being" could ever keep a realized Being "enslaved." So yes, while there may be many types of entities among us, both visible and invisible, they have no power to enslave us in any way, unless we give them that power.

Hi Dehi - Actually, I was addressing the widespread illusion that Reptilians from outer space are in some sort of battle with (I believe) the Pleiadians who we are told are "gods" helping humanity evolve beyond the enslavement of other bad aliens. It's a global delusion that many have bought into, and many are making money off of the gullible.

I keep trying to remind readers that Dharma is everything. We are only "controlled" by Dharma, and whatever karmas the Lipika Lords have recorded that we are to chew up and move beyond this lifetime. But we are not "trapped" by karma since we can change pattern at will as we move through karma, replacing unhelpful ego responses with more evolved ego responses motivated by our Divine Love, Wisdom, and Intelligence.

Actually, we are not "stuck" in the cycle of birth and death. We are in that cycle as a result of how our evolutionary system based in Love/Magnetic Attraction actually works. The only "stuck" we are is in ego. As we move into greater awareness of "All-That-Is" and realize the glory of our Atma-Buddhi-Manas as our true state of Being, with ego just the projected image, then we no longer need to "escape" anything.

That's how you attain Moksha. By living it fully and consciously 24/7. By not getting trapped in attachments, aversions, illusions, pessimism, fear, vanity, animal desire, or attachment to strong sensations while still living fully here and now on Earth in our body. We ARE Eternals having human experiences. Be fully human, embrace the glory of being a Spirit in the material world, and you will be "liberated."

To remind you about "escaping planetary influence," I just posted on that a couple of days ago in the article Astrology Class - Are you an Initiator, Stabilizer, or Distributor. At the end I addressed the quality of Traigunatitya, or transcendence of the Gunas. In it I quoted from the great Sage Sri Aurobindo that Traigunatitya "is the unperturbed spirit’s superiority to that flux of action of the modes of Nature which is in its constant character perturbed and unequal; if it has to enter into relations with the conflicting and unequal activities of Nature, if the free soul is to allow its nature any action at all, it must show its superiority by an impartial equality towards all activities, results or happenings.”

Hi Susan - You're most welcome. Glad you broke free of the illusion the church attempts to put on its followers. It was noted by a Master that the church couldn't keep power and wealth by teaching the unconditional love and selfless service that Christ taught, so they shifted to guilt, fear, damnation, and other concepts to keep the money and power flowing to the priesthood.


Robert there are two definitions of liberation. One where we are liberated while alive when we cease to identify with the ego and attachments. The second is where we are not born again. I was referring to the second definition in specific. Could you reconsider your answer in light of the second definition?


Hi Dehi - No reconsideration needed. You are making a distinction between the process of liberation from ego traps with the state of Jivanmukta. The first predicates the second. You cannot become a Jivanmukta without first being Parivrajaka (Sottapati), Kutichaka, Hamsa (Soaham), and then Paramahamsa. While some sources use different names and spellings, these stages of enlightenment are described in venerable works. And one does not have to be a wandering monk to be that state of consciousness, nor must one become a swan to experience oneness with the Absolute.

Each of these terms describes specific stages of awareness and BE-ness, with each stage a further liberation from the causal principles on each plane of existence. Each of these stages of higher awareness have Buddhist terms, Rosicrucian terms, Esoteric School terms, Christian terms, Kabbalistic terms, and of course, Vedic terms. Only a Paramahamsa or an Arhat can become Jivanmukta. And even the Jivanmuktas remain on the Path of Earth Service before they too move on to even higher work after fulfilling that higher Karma.


It must be a nice feeling to be so certain of how reality works Robert.

Do you ever question your paradigm?

Have doubts?


hi jm - Do you have a refutation?‏ Give me anything you believe is true. Do you have any alternative?

Doubt is an illusion. Either you know, or you don't, of your own experience. Doubt and belief are the illusions.


Very well explained Robert. The quotation from Sri Aurobindo reminded me of Bhagvad Geetas teachings as well.

What do you think about using gemstones and other crystals as astrological remedies in general and considering the quote you provided from The Autobiography of a Yogi?


My refutation is simply that I am not certain humanity has actually figured out the undisputed truth of our reality. It seems that we have many threads, feelings, experiences and numerous paradigms to align within - but are they the total picture?

Personally, I have spent much of my life undoing various levels of mind control around nationality, religion, science, money and most other institutions that claim to hold the truth of what is. Each one will inform us how things work, how it "is" and what we need to do to make our life work within their construct.

So it was of interest to me that you seemed totally certain about the nature of how things work here in this realm and were so conclusively dismissive of the potential for extra terrestrial, extra dimensional interaction here.

I wondered if you ever had doubts or questions around your beliefs, as I have had many!

I intended my question in the spirit of the seeker of wisdom.

I have read many interesting stories from the Originals of Australia ( the Aboriginals ) about their origins in the stars - actually the Pleiades. Also, the many ancient references to beings from "Heaven", the sky in the Sumerian texts, the bible and numerous ancient "alien" stories held as tradition within native cultures of our planet. I totally appreciate that the Internet has brought lots of fakery with it around almost every topic known to man including loads of silly stories about aliens and reptiles, but I would not dismiss the entire concept.

Actually there is an excellent discussion about the intervention theory of our origins over at Mark Passio's space -

I have found doubt to be a trusty resource in honing and developing my mind and intellect in such a highly convoluted, corrupted world. I have found it a precursor to discernment and knowledge in my life to date.

Thanks Robert!


Hi Dehi - As per Sri Yukteswar, if you put your power in gems and bangles, then they work to the degree you believe in them. That works to a greater or lesser degree, depending on the belief. But all power derives from God, and never forms. Our consciousness has more power than any thing.

Hi jm - You may not have figured our "the undisputed truth of our reality" but others across time have. We call them Sages, Masters, and other venerable names. So "the undisputed truth" can be known.

A Jivanmukta lives in a body of light that can be as solid as yours and mine. They "put it on" or "take it off" at will, and do not have to be born via the usual means, since they have reached a permanent level of greater consciousness that never dies. That reality is beyond all dispute, since it has been demonstrated across time by more than a few. They have bodies that never die.

ALL of them originally were regular people who had fears, doubts, and other fetters, until they became fully realized. Their level of awareness and Loving Wise Intelligence cannot be bought or sold, and is not subject to or affected by the usual doubts and skepticism. One may be skeptical that Ammachi has no need to eat, drink, sleep, or use the bathroom, but after many years of her not doing these things, with it being witnessed by thousands across time, any doubt is a product of ignorance of the reality of that state of Being.

There is only one reality. Those who attain the awareness of a Babaji or Ammachi do their best to communicate it to we who strive to live a conscious eternal higher awareness, but WE are the ones who must walk the walk. They are fully realized whether we accept it or not.

There are many ways to perceive our reality, and you're right, most only have a small part of the picture. I don't claim to be able to communicate "the whole truth" since that's impossible. When we attain one level of awareness about "All-That-Is," there are more levels to realize, apply, and find skill on. But I also know that the 5 senses and the mind, when trained, are capable of knowing things that most do not ever dream of. And many have reached transcendent states that are beyond the limitations of the 5 senses and the mind. The trick is to live there, and not have the transcendent state as a passing phenomenon.

I always use critical thinking skills when evaluating a phenomenon or perception. But that does not involve doubt. Either I have knowledge of what makes a thing appear to be as it is, or I don't. Doubt has belief as its polarity, and neither is useful in finding truth. And to note, we have been taught by an ancient Master (who actually lived and walked and wrote books and...) that doubt is corrosive, since it is the mind's "not knowing" in a negative polarity. We need to be able to evaluate all our direct experiences without the mind's pessimism diverting us away from the experience into "not knowing."

You also misunderstand my approach. I am aware that Life is infinite. Since space is also infinite, there no doubt is infinite life on many frequencies, some which we can perceive, some which we can't due to limitations of our human perceptual mechanism. I am not dismissive of the reality of extraterrestrial life forms. I am dismissive of the illusion that any of them stole our DNA or have ill will toward humanity.

In the Secret Doctrine by HPB, (source material she translated in a Lamasery from Chronicles so ancient as to be beyond recorded history) we were offered that the Ageless Wisdom of our planet originally came from Kumaras (Eternals) who came from Venus, along with certain things that might not look extraterrestrial, such as the Cetaceans. Those "Lords of the Flame" came to hold the wisdom energy field for our planet so that infant humanity could eventually become fully aware consciousnesses through their own individual and collective striving. That's much different than what the hucksters sell the rubes about Pleiadeans and Reptilians.

HPB does mention the Pleiades specifically in that work, but certainly not in the glamorized forms we encounter today. And to note, ALL "New Age" concepts originated with HPB's work, since before the SD, no one in the Western world had the slightest idea about chakras, Rays, planes of consciousness, Lords of the Flame, extraterrestrial Life bringing wisdom to the Earth, or any of the other fashionable new age concepts. Almost everything written in the past 70 years is derivative, and not source material. I have read a lot, and have found most of it to be inconsistent, inferential, and made up from the imagination of the authors like so much science fiction.

Remember the Prime Directive - No one can force or prevent another's realization process. Everyone gets to make their own mistakes, and find their own truth out of the many illusions of perception. There is no way to circumvent our need to deal with the fetters of human existence, and we all have the same fetters to overcome. That's the way our human evolutionary process works. Otherwise the Masters could snap their fingers and we'd all be fully aware, and that is contrary to this evolutionary scheme. That's also why no extraterrestrials could ever be allowed to monkey with human genetics. Anything that interferes with our free will is contrary to this evolutionary scheme.

There is no separateness except to the dualistic mind. There is only One Life, and everything works to bring forth consciousness of that One Life. There is no "evil" except human misunderstanding of what IS. All suffering arises from attachments, aversions, illusions, and the mind's pessimism. We all must learn to transform fear, vanity, animal desire, and the need for strong sensations into compassion and selfless service. No one gets a pass on this.

The human need for drama makes many illusions seem real, especially those that make us feel warm and fuzzy about our "specialness." Ultimately, we're just one more life form in the midst of an infinite and eternal Life/Light. And according to one Master, Earth humans are for the most part the juvenile delinquents of our solar system. We really need to mature beyond the dualities we're trapped in. One of those dualities is the belief in good aliens helping us and evil aliens enslaving us, which is nothing more than Adam, Eve, and de debbil dressed up in new outfits.

ps. It occurred to me to offer that we must always check the validity of our belief systems. But we can only do that via our direct experience of that which is outside that belief system. Our experiences confirm some beliefs, and counter others. That's part of our process of evolving. But we'll never find Truth outside ourselves. We'll never find Truth using only our minds. And we'll never know Truth until we've lived it. Then no one and no thing will ever take Truth away from us. And of course, as with Love, there are conditional truths and Unconditional Truth. Knowing the difference is how we grow.


Thanks Robert !!

Just a kind reminder to consider some small updates using the sidereal zodiac too!


So do the Masters continue to evolve or are they done and that's that? I can't imagine being in physical form and not evolving.

Either which way I am glad they aren't doing any of that finger snappin. It would take the fun out of the process and life. And it would probably be too much too soon for me.


I re-contextualized the conversation. Didn't mean to. Just happened. On one hand I chuckle that I seem to have to hit myself in the face with an egg before moving on. Since it makes me a little giddy on the one hand, perhaps I'll change that egg to a pie, much tastier than a raw egg. :D I do so delight in new understanding.

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