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« Is There A Soul, Is There Life After Death, and What’s On The Other Side? | Main | Have Some Evil Space People Really Stolen Our DNA (Or Whatever)? Are There Evil Entities That Want To Enslave Humanity? – Pt. 2 »


if something/one has enslaved humanity it is other humans and/or corporations (since they are legally humans in this country). 'We' think we are free, but have been programmed into being organic robots and are too busy working to accumulate mostly useless stuff that feeds the corporations monsters...sorry, just had to spout...


A very apt subject but Robert are you denying the existence of black magic of various kinds? it is after all a deadly force which can kill.


Hi prosun - I completely agree. The system would gladly delude us into thinking we're mere millstone horses who walk in circles eating from the feed bag until they get too old.

Hi dehi - Actually glad you raised the issue. Yes, I deny the power of "black magic" to affect me in any way, shape or form. Voodoo only affects those who give it the power to do so. We are Light, we are Eternal, we are Unconditional Love, Wisdom, and Intelligence. "Black magic" could never have an effect on us.

Think about it - do you really think black magic could work against Babaji? Ammachi? Sai Baba? Ramana Maharshi? Sri Yukestwar Giri? Paramahamsas Ramakrishna or Yogananda? Do you really think black magic could kill a Master of the Wisdom, an Arhat, or Paramahamsa? If it cannot work on a realized Being, then it cannot work against us unless we buy into the illusion. To note, I've always known this. The last time a jerk tried it against me, it boomeranged on them in terrible ways. I took no pleasure in their self-destruction, but unfortunately, that's karma. Focus on Self-realization, and "black magic" will be seen as the superstition that it is.


If these space people are so advanced as to be able to travel here from far off galaxies, what the heck would they want with our stupid dna? I mean really, what kind of test would we pose for that kind of intelligence?


While i appreciate the sentiment I'm not sure about that Robert because in Islam it is noted that the Prophet Mohamed was seriously harmed by black magic. While belief is very important wearing some basic protection like an iron bracelet is fairly common in India.


Hi caliban - I've actually used that line in the past. Very true! It has been said we're the juvenile delinquents of our solar system. That sounds more like ego than anything else.

Hi Dehi - Then Mohammed bought into the illusion. Or maybe those who chronicled the tale bought into it, because they lacked clear understanding about what is and what isn't. Wearing iron bracelets was addressed by Sri Yukteswar in "Autobiography of a Yogi" in the section about bangles.

For those who believe bangles have a power to prevent something, then to the extent of that belief, it is true. But enlightened Beings never give the power to a thing. God is the power, God is all that IS, and we are the God we seek. To me, a bangle has no more power to prevent bad things than someone doing "black magic" has to affect me. I will never give the illusion any more power than it deserves, which is none.


"If we cannot be clear, firm, and compassionate with our lower self, we cannot be fully clear, firm, and compassionate to another. So any perceived “evil” from external sources needs to be examined in the light of our reaction to what is presented, and how much positivity we generate in response.

I have found that beyond all the dramas of good versus evil, we need to remember that it is always better to light one or more candles than curse the darkness. As the venerable I Ching puts it, "The best way to fight evil is to make energetic progress in the good.” Eventually the persistence of positivity creates an ability to shine a greater light on our ability to make a positive change whenever we get clear about what our greater good looks like."

I love this post, Robert, especially the last part that I put above. This is the highest outlook, I believe, and your words are so inspiring!

I'm currently reading "Forbidden Faith" by Richard Smoley, which sheds light on the many strains of Gnosticism and dualism in early Christianity, their roots, and the "heresies", and how some of that seeped into mainstream Christianity despite the church battles. It's very interesting to analyze, and helps us to see where those beliefs that are prevalent in our culture (and many others) came from historically. Knowledge is power. It's easier to let it go once you can really see it; like understanding psychology helps to prevent getting suckered by the advertising industry. I recommend the book to everyone who is interested in looking at those beliefs within themselves that they have unconsciously absorbed.

Thank you for the light, Robert!


I did not mean to imply that earthlings are juvenile delinquents. Just that it takes so much physical labor and effort for us to launch a ship and motor around the solar system.

About the boogie mans, and I don't mean saturday night dancin party mans, ha ha. Anyway, those not fun boogie mans, they can creep me out so I don't commingle with them. Old catholicism programming dies hard. They weren't just tellin me about the boogie mans, turns out they are my boogie mans. Mwahaha!!


Hi Sara - Yes, the gnostics were heavily persecuted by the church when the powerful greedheads took over. Always good to look at the images in subconscious mind and root out the ones the undermine our higher awareness!

Hi caliban - Well, as I noted in the other stream, there is at least one Eastern Master that believes humanity are in fact the juvenile delinquents of the solar system. I figure we're not even the most intelligent or evolved beings on our own planet, so how could we ever be the most evolved in the solar system or beyond?


Thank you so much Robert for taking the time to edit this and put it up. If it helps one person not be afraid of "the shadows" then it is worth it. Hari Aum! Clay

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