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Much in sync with this. Very articulate and understanding. Appreciated. Its conjunct my natal Capricorn moon, give take a degree or two.


Conjunct natal cancer moon. Does that make it a new moon full moon/full moon new moon.


Physically, this full moon was stunning. It was the most beautiful shade of orange. Almost looked like an autumn moon.


Very interesting when considering World Events: Ukraine, Islamic State, the European (Greece) situation, Civil Rights.... Right Human Relationships...
"So the Moon in this Lunation is on a degree of getting beyond fear, and trying to generate good will to and from others. Of course, being conjunct Pluto, it also introduces a note of tender care, responsibility, and self-regeneration within extraordinary and possibly extreme conditions. Again, when things get more rigid or binding, flexibility will be helpful."
There is a plan of action on a higher level to get things moving at a better - higher level for humanity.
Thanks and blessings be.


Robert, I'm feeling the need to be the bigger person and write simple letters w/love from my heart to the few friends and family members who have betrayed us. Would this be a good time since we are in a different spiritual era? Thank you!


Hi all - This has been a fairly dramatic Full Moon, and a great light show to boot.

Hi Nic - This Moon is on the same degree where Pluto danced for about 2 years when much of the current world mess was gestating or being born.

Hi ss - Well, it's always a good time to reach out to others, as long as we don't expect anything in return. And realize they may not take it in the spirit in which you intend it. You may get a good response. You may get no response. You may get a very ugly response. Sometimes I've found that the best resolution to interpersonal issues is much distance between the two.

NEVER trust betrayers with what you hold precious. There is a big difference between productive speaking "truth to power" with compassion and strength and unnecessarily jeopardizing one's peace of mind. It must be done with no attachment whatsoever. And preferably it doesn't open the door to a betrayer believing you are welcoming them back in to betray again.


"NEVER trust betrayers with what you hold precious. There is a big difference between productive speaking "truth to power" with compassion and strength and unnecessarily jeopardizing one's peace of mind. It must be done with no attachment whatsoever. And preferably it doesn't open the door to a betrayer believing you are welcoming them back in to betray again."
SS,thank you for your question to Robert, since I was very cautiously leaning towards doing this same thing myself, but after reading your response Robert, I realize that for me, it's not in my best interests to go there.


Hi Diane - I understand the power of forgiveness and making amends. The point of these exercises is to free us from being attached to the unresolved tension and/or hurt from our past. But a problem arises when we are attached in any way to someone else's responses. We may be in a state of forgiveness, understanding, and so forth, but often forget the causes of the problem to begin with, which usually involved us hitting our limit with another and having to walk away rather than get entangled in strong and nonproductive emotions and words.

A year ago I wrote an article about the Spiritual Warrior for exactly the reasons I write this now. I received a letter from someone who had grievously wounded me some years before for no reason except their own mean, thoughtless behavior. The letter seemed to be a tentative peace offering that could have opened up a dialog.

I took it in that spirit, and rather than rehash the wrongs that had been done, just asked one simple question about why they felt the way they did. That created a meltdown of epic proportions on the other's part, and triggered a series of lies and assertions that let me know we were done forever, and there was no point whatsoever in trying to communicate anything. Some situations are truly circumstances where "the moving finger writes, and having writ, moves on...." So I take the words to heart of another great writer, "I just roll with the flow, wherever it goes, and it's a rolling out of here..."


Thanks for the comment Robert.
The Moon in the same degree where Pluto danced two years ago were this mess was being born. How interesting, it seems a cycle has been completed in some way and therefore this is a time to move on and forward form that gestalt into the new. It won't be easy but worth it. At any rate it has to be done, it needs to be done, so lets do it as best we can.


Wow! Thank you Robert for your time w/this. I am a very intuitive person, especially with people. I've been feeling very strange lately and pulled in a direction that feels much bigger than myself and I don't quite understand it. My intent was only to let my mother-in-law who is (85) know that she is still loved. Nothing more as I honestly didn't want a response. I have a habit of remembering the good times long ago, way before the betrayal.

After thinking about the betrayal by mother & sibling only 3 yrs. ago, as well as the extremely ugly letters from the inside, and the horrific outcome it had, I am starting to think "why w/I want to do this". My reason, because I still feel love in my heart and that's all I know, however; I'm having to really re-think this going by your response which I so much appreciate! I truly was only thinking about her age and also because there will be the next set of consequences that will arise when she passes. My husband ended up in the hospital from the shock of all the lies and it literally changed him forever.

The few people I've told in detail about this story simply cannot relate to it. Families are not this brutal and cold is the usual response. I have spent hours trying to find anyone that has gone through a similar betrayal remotely close to ours but there's not a soul out there. I wish there was someone who could help so that I would stop wanting to reach out to people that aren't from the same spiritual aura as mine. Thanks again Robert, so grateful.


Thank you everyone for your questions and comments, and Robert for your responses. Although the details of what I've been dealing with are different, these comments really clarified a lot for me. And yes, Robert, thanks for reminding us that its possible to be a place of love forgiveness and still keep our boundaries with betrayers.

Overall I felt like I had a breakthrough with this moon, but not in a "clarity of insight" kind of way. I just feel like I'm finally spinning up my engines after years of stuckness in my pain. I'm realizing I still have my pain, but am gradually letting that dissipate while I continue to power up.

And it was an amazing light show. :)


ss - Yes, families can be that "brutal and cold." You bet they can. I know of more than a few who have been stunned by the cruelty and viciousness of family attacks. It is a huge shock to the ego, since ego wants to believe the family of origin loves us and cares for us and blablabla. To quote an old song, "It ain't necessarily so."

Having been betrayed in impossible ways by more than one in my family of origin, and having had many come to me with similar experiences, I can only say you're SO "not alone" here. There are many of us "souls out there" who have gone through it, and have learned that as much as we may love the junkyard dog, if we extend our hand to it, even to pet it, we're more likely to have it shredded by teeth than receive a loving nudge.

Soul groups are forged by our treatment of each other here on Earth. While we are supposed to learn loving-kindness, compassion, and forbearance toward those who are not these qualities, we also are learning not to treat cheaply what we hold precious, and learning not to allow liars and betrayers to seduce us into believing they care for us in the slightest, or are in any way safe to trust. If we do, don't be surprised if they let the barbarians through the back gate some night waking up to find yourself in a world of hurt.


Well, you made me cry (grateful tears) :-). Thank you from the bottom of my heart as you have no idea how much your words mean to my husband and I! I'm so sorry you've had to deal with similar pain. Being purposely hurt by family is about the worst pain imaginable.

Your timing was unbelievable Why.. because I read it the same time I found out the truth about the betrayal! $5M dollars was hidden in Switzerland since the fathers death and they didn't want my husband to find out. Robert, I know you didn't say this, however; you helped make me realize that reaching out might not the best thing. They spent many, many, years planning this betrayal so why would I want to try and make them understand what love really is. They haven't any morals or integrity and seem to be so blinded by money they can't see anything else. :-( Thank you again for helping us get through this loss of family.


Hi Robert & All, once again thank you Robert for the moon articles, I feel the moon cycle fairly strongly possibly due to Cancer rising? On that note, in your opinion would a Cancer asc. potentially 'feel' the transits quite strongly that the progressed moon makes on it's travels?
Thanks to all shared in the comment stream - very helpful, though 'betrayals' occurred out with family, a lot of the above has helped in regards to 'letting go of guilt' at decisions Not to try & reach out to 'fix' things... just leaving them be....A new lesson/approach for a somewhat compulsive 'fixer' !!!
Love to All of this community whom form a supportive Soul Group, Namaste

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