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Have you read,
Holy Hell: A Memoir of Faith, Devotion, and Pure Madness
Book by Gail Tredwell?

I've also heard of many awesome things from people I know who have been in her presence. I have been in her presence and haven't felt these things. Don't like her whole "circus". Can't ignore this book - I've read it and it rings true.


Hi Andrew - Having been in her presence many times, I find it impossible that she would "assault" anyone. To note, that was addressed in the wiki entry:

"Allegations by Gail Tredwell - In 2013, Gail Tredwell, a former disciple of Amṛtānandamayī, self-published a memoir of her 1980-99 tenure in Amṛtānandamayī's ashram. She made some allegations in this memoir as well as media interviews which preceded and followed the release of the book.[2][35][36][37][38][39] The allegations, including the claim that Tredwell was physically assaulted by Amṛtānandamayī, have not been substantiated. [40][41][42] (Emphasis mine). Both Amṛtānandamayī and representatives of her ashram denied the allegations, saying that they were untrue and were aimed at exacting revenge for unfulfilled desires."

Without substantiation, then it looks like someone wants to make a buck off of false claims. Not the first time that would have happened to a spiritual teacher. Rimpoche was accused of giving AIDS to a student, when in fact it was someone else. Gandhi was accused of things that it was proved he never did.

And while I also do not necessarily like "the circus" that surrounds Holy Beings, it's all part of the 6th Ray group energy, and so has its place in the larger scheme of things. I used to like to produce large scale music and cultural events. Not everyone liked to be in those large events. To each their own.


She is the presence of divine love- Great post. Thanks
Blessings be to all


Thank you for your kind reply Robert.

First of all my teachers and (many of their students) love and claim to "work" with Amma. They say she's an avatar and can really do no bad.

I get direct stories from them about the wonders of Amma. I respect them for their knowing but in regards to Amma I'm not there with them.

There's no substantiation that Gail Tredwell is trying to make a buck.

I've looked into her account extensively. There's no false motive here - just the truth as she experienced it.

And many people, including myself, are inspired by her courage in documenting it and standing behind her words.

I know the argument well that an avatar or holy being can do no bad but the book rings true nonetheless.


Hi Andrew - I've been doing some research. I'll begin again by stating I'm not a devotee, and I've known a few genuinely holy Beings throughout my long life. I pretty much can spot a phony, a grifter, a liar, and a manipulator, thanks to having fine tuned my "Glamor dispelling mechanism" these past 40+ years.

I've read and heard about all the miracles, and the fabulous things. Since I'm not a devotee, I have no bias in this matter. And yes, there is "substantiation that Gail is trying to make a buck," since a) she wrote a "tell all" book which she followed through with publishing, and b) milked all the publicity she could both before and after. That is prima facie evidence that she wrote a book and wants to sell a lot of copies, aka, "make a buck."

If she didn't want to be challenged and risk being discredited, she should have compiled solid evidence of her claims, backed by affidavits. That's how accusations of wrongdoing are substantiated. You cannot know her motive other than her own self-serving statements. But I can claim she wrote a book and wants to sell it far and wide, since her behavior clearly points in that direction.

I do not accept her assertions as "truth." The guy who claimed Rimpoche gave his disciple AIDS was a total fabrication, with just enough "truth" to make it slightly plausible, until that "truth" was scratched beneath the surface. In another famous event, two people claimed it was "the truth" after being close to HP Blavatsky that she was a fraud, a charlatan, a liar, and a hoax. Of course, the accusations were proved totally untrue when they were objectively examined and evaluated, and witnesses who were also there at the time gave their accounts.

Lots of people state "truth" with great passion and plausibility. I don't care what they say. I care about whether they are asserting something self-serving, as well as the likelihood of that thing happening. Ammachi does not equate to "assault" under any definition of the term. And of course, it would be impossible for her to do such a thing without hundreds knowing about it, including a few devotees who surely would be shocked at such things.

I checked Ms. Tredwell's official record on wiki, and found this revealing: "The book alleges that a senior follower of the ashram, Balu, had a forced sexual relationship with the author for many years. It also alleges that Amritanandamayi behaved in a very rude and aggressive manner and abused the author for many years."

1. I find it unbelievable that someone (Balu, not Amma) would rape her for years and she wouldn't leave. That strains every bit of cred. No photos, no medical records, no corroborating evidence. "For many years" requires her volunteering to be there after the first assault. Unless they chained her as a prisoner, how can she be sexually assaulted for years and somehow there's no evidence and it's Amma's fault? That's absurd.

2. The other claim that Amma "behaved in a very rude and aggressive manner" is a stupid assertion. Anyone can say that about anyone anytime. That's not a crime, nor an assault. As for "abused the author," how? If the worst that's alleged in public is being "rude and aggressive" that's only abusive if you stick around and accept that rudeness and aggression. I have NO sympathy for people who volunteer for something, get their feelings hurt when someone is not how they want them to be, and then stick around instead of splitting.

I also went to Gail's website, and read a great deal of what she says there, as well as one of the written interviews. She offers us nothing except self serving statements, with accusations that have never been verified. However, it does seem she once poisoned Amma with mushrooms, once gave her an overdose of insulin, and once was in a boat where she "innocently stood for a moment, which accidentally tilted the craft slightly and caused it to take in water. Within seconds, it capsized" with Amma in it.

I am very alert to the language people use to describe incidents, and how they see the cause of those incidents. She minimized her own culpability in events that hurt another while admitting she precipitated those events that hurt another. That is a clear sign of an abusive personality. That's established in the field of the psychology of abuse. In each case "she innocently blablabla..." and it "accidently" and "slightly" was whatever, BUT she never once took responsibility for HER actions. Not once. It drips from every word on her website and her explanations of what, why, how, etc. She even took a cheap shot because Amma menstruated! That's sick!!

Speaking of people asserting what they insist is "the truth." The Chinese assert their "truth" that the Dalai Lama provoked/invited them (depending on who you speak with) to invade to take care of Tibetans and bring them into modern society. They have said it's "the truth" that the Dalai Lama fomented violence in Tibet. They have said that it's "the truth" that Tibet was never autonomous. They have said it's "the truth" there's no genocide in Tibet. They have said it's "the truth" they are not resettling Han Chinese from the coastal areas in Tibet. They have said it's "the truth" they are not destroying Tibetan culture. The problem with these assertions of "truth" is they have been challenged by numerous people who say otherwise.

Until this author can come up with something substantial to corroborate an "assault" charge other than rudeness and "aggression," then it's just an allegation. This woman says she was raped for years, and never once split? Wow. I don't condone rape in any way shape or form. Why did she stick around? And on three occasions she was responsible for an injury to Amma, but claims she's innocent of everything and Amma "abused" her? This woman has some serious psychological issues that have nothing to do with Amma.


A friend who is vehemently against the claims of gurus and organized religion received a healing from Amma years ago--pretty much desperately and almost unwillingly. She had been a heroin addict, unable to kick by any of the usual means, and had hit rock bottom. Som hippie-ish and equally addicted friends went to see the hugging Saint and she begrudgingly came along. My friend never used heroin again. She cannot explain it and is still loath to share her experience with anyone. In fact, it's almost a secret she doesn't want anyone to know--not the fact of her addiction, but that a hugging, woo woo Indian lady had anything to do with her instant sobriety.

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