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Hmmm. My mercury and my Venus are in Gemini and my progressed moon is in Scorpio. Does this mean I'm going to die? :)))₩


Great post, so clear, informative and to the point.
" It should be great for getting focused and seeing clearly what is needed and what is not in any given situation." This is a great gift both at an individual level and all the way up to current world events. Lets make the most of it!
Blessings be to all.


Feeling it already ..."nature abhors a vacuum" ...and the Cosmos abhors the unkind...
As the dandelion said " the poison you use to kill me gives you the cancer I can cure"


But by week's end, Venus returns to her home in Libra with Mars on her heels!


Thanks Robert! Always apropos to be reminded of the lessons in magnetism and "holding the empty space" especially for this time of year.

Namaste and blessings


"Because Nature abhors a vacuum, as we clear out old ideas, feelings, desires, and habits, we naturally attract people and circumstances that mirror who we are in the Here and Now." And what is when we don't attract people and circumstances anymore, clocks stop working, living in timelessness and walk on the street thinking "Am I dead, walking among the living or alive, walking among the dead?"? Then who and where are we? What comes then?


Hi all - Welcome to entering deep waters! Examine the priorities, and eliminate all that is not perfect for the moment. And Venus does approach Libra!

Hi Maggie - It sounds like you're finding yourself "out of time," which is a good practice for when we're no longer in the body. When I am not attracting people, then it's time to sit and listen to the Voice of the Silence. There is no time when we're not attracting circumstances. They may seem unfamiliar, or it may be that we're in "the in betweens," where we've "breathed out" an old set of causes and effects, and have not yet entered a new set of causes and effects.

Clocks stop working for all kinds of reasons, and living in timelessness is a good thing. If you're thinking "am I dead, etc," then you're most def alive or you wouldn't be thinking you're walking among anyone, whether living or dead.

We all walk in time until we find timelessness. We clutch at forms until we learn to be a peace with formlessness. We are alive forever, even though the forms around us seem dead/alive/in between.

Who are you? Eternal Atma-Buddhi-Manas.
Where are you? Here.
What time is it? Now.


Hi Robert. Thank you for your insights! Maybe i should do exactly this. Listen.
How long we suppose to spend in "the in betweens"?
Currently I'm in peace with how it is and I reached my balance. But if before I could see what the future holds and that life goes in certain direction. Now I don't see. There is nothing. It's empty. Or not empty, better to say I see like stop cadre, paused moment, eternity. It could be now, or 3 years ago, or 30 years in the future. There is no need, no wish, no goal. Nothing bad in this, it's feeling of completeness. And the inner peace is the absolute happiness. For myself I'm trying to understand what is afterward? Is there afterward?
By saying "walking among etc.." I'm trying to define/describe the state I am in since few years. It's a bubble, or like other dimension, invisible, not existing in where others exist, don't know what it is. I didn't come to this point unprepared. And I know that even when it's time for when we are no longer in our body we are being prepared for the moment. But never understood why it happened and what is its reason, because nothing is unreasonable and comes to us with purpose. I couldn't find who's the unimaginable power/energy I've seen. What could be the scary energy, more powerful than life and death? The answer I got is a question.
If we live in timelessness then nothing else than "now" exists, right? It would mean there are only energy cycles and not linear time points. Why do we need to find timelessness?


Hi Maggie - We spend as much time as we need to in the "in betweens" until we find peace in "Be Here Now." Perhaps if you are beholding a tabla rasa, then you get to create as you see fit. No ego need, no ego wish, no ego goal is a good place to be, even if it's disconcerting to the ego mind which wants to accumulate ideas so it can think it "knows."

Time only exists as a means for our 5 senses and minds to measure our experience. In truth, "now" is the only time there is. But our minds don't reference the eternal, but rather our experience in 3D using time (4D). Remember that while there are energy cycles, we use the medium of time to measure these cycles as they pulse in and out of manifestation. Time markers are convenient reference points. We need to know timelessness so we learn detachment from the reference points of our 5 senses and minds. That way when we're on the other side we have already practiced not referencing the impermanent organs of sense perception.

You may also be opening to experiencing the subtle higher planes, but you may not know you're doing that. Please re-read my articles on the 7 Planes, as well as the long article on Eternal Consciousness. We can pick this up later. Blessings indeed!


Hi Robert, now I understand the main purpose. "Until we find peace in "Be Here Now." Had to learn this indeed. Are this life cycles we all go through? And when we realize that time is perception that we can control. Slow down or quicken that to fit our "now".
What happens on the other side to those who choose not to learn detachment from reference points? Are they confused for a while? Why some are longer in between and can return to the reference points? We know when it's time, we've been prepared for the transformation but one is in peace, another fears, third ignores. Do we all forget this time line when move forward as we forget what was before short after we were born?
I found few of your articles. Great help. Thanks for the recommendation. Yes, I do believe, from what I've read, that I'm unintentionally experiencing this. Is it possible that someone from one realm intentionally to provide guidance and direct events in a certain direction because of particular occurrences which have to appear in the future? Or because of someone who has to come to this life time with specific purpose and all is settled to provide best circumstances?


Hi Maggie - Yes, these are experiences all humans go through, so that we may learn the unreal from the real. Most sleepwalk through life, driven by the impulses of the 5 senses and the mind, watching time slippin', slippin', slippin' into the future.....

It's not so much about "time is perception we can control," as much as when we are not limited by the perceptions of only the 5 senses and the mind then we can "step out of time" and view "reality" from a detached, dispassionate angle, busting illusions and generating goodwill.

On the other side, we have no reference points in the conditional reality. We only have the spiritual vehicles that have learned to be open to the oneness we all are together. You bet Beings get confused when they first leave the body, since all the convenient frames of reference are no more. That's why most Souls "sleep" for awhile until they awaken to the Light or Sound that shows them the way home to Devachan, or the Heavenworld.

The more aware we are here, the less we forget on the other side. There are higher states of Awareness that do not "die" when we leave the body. That's the ultimate Path that all walk through lifetimes, even though most are unaware of the game, the goal, or how to play. It is the Great Work, the Path of the Initiates, that countless wise ones have walked through the Ages.

Each finds their Way based in their karma, how they respond to those opportunities, and how open we become to the promptings of Spirit. It's about "paying it forward."

Some are blessed with Spirit Guides, but I have found it's really all about us growing in our ability to choose wise actions, wise feelings, and wise thoughts, without needing "God" to tell us we're doing the right thing.

The future is determined by the choices we make along the way. Dharma will lead us where we need to go, whether it's through plan A or B or C. We choose the plan, but we do not choose the lessons. And we are free to be our highest Self at each turn of the wheel.


Hi Robert, very nicely explained all what you say. Makes perfect sense to me. At times I think, If I only found this website years ago, it should be so much easier transition. But I suppose we should first accumulate own experience and than be presented with the understanding. Hard mental process is flowing here and I found many answers. Guess, it's beautiful expression of mercury in Scorpio sitting on my moon and Uranus.
Do we really do good (except to ourselves) when we are dispassionate, unemotional and detached? Sometimes I feel like observer because I'm unable to involve myself in the mass emotions and moods. Similar to looking out of the box and see all parts. But isn't this cold, uncompassionate attitude?
From the physical lifetime point of view, when someone passes away and we see what we think we see, is that some sort of energy print left of the one who passed away or is the soul who doesn't sleep or when woke up for the Light? And how it can leave physical marks?
Indeed, we are the creators of our own future based on the decisions and choices we make. When we trust universe it will take us where we need to be. Always will provide what is best for us. And despite how much we want to take a curve it will always put us back to the path we have to walk. As many times as needed. "God" never been to me something else than energy. The question previously arose from still not understanding why? I opened for the experiencing those planes after I made a decision 7 years ago. Indeed, it was huge step for me/us but not that exceptional to trigger such experiences. After the decision was made, I've seen how everything was settled and prepared, from circumstances to, to put people where they should be or hold them. Seemed someone's else plan. Many messages were delivered. Some of which I don't understand because of lack of knowledge. Why I needed the information and was it pure coincidence I received it? (Though I don't believe in coincidences) Like giving Stephen Hawking's theory of the black hole to 5 year old and to expect him to understand it. Excuse my incompetence. Alright, all planes exist in one space so I can't imagine they do not impact one another. But do they influence purposefully because higher planes would want certain development of a lower plane?
Apologies for my prolixity, too many questions and thank you for the patience and the explanation you provide!


Hi Maggie - As I told you, "why" is so that all lower forms can evolve to higher forms by coming out of attachments, aversions, illusions, and the mental tendency to fall into pessimism. We are all dealing with killing out fear, vanity, animal desire, and wanting strong sensations (both good and bad). These do not make us "cold" or "indifferent," but give us control of the ego and help us stand in the Fire of transformation, courageous and unafraid since we know the real from the unreal.

Until we have an experience, we have no means to judge what that experience will show us. The trick is to go beyond the superficial explanations of convenience, and probe the deeper meaning of experience within the Mystery of our Eternal evolutionary path. Is it necessary? If it leads us to the true, good, and beautiful, then it's excellent. If it leads us to the untrue, the "bad," and the ugly, then we have an opportunity to step back from these, examine why these were the result, and consciously choose to change pattern so that we chew up the old karma in a way that we don't have to go through that again, since we've learned the lesson.

We can only do "good" when we achieve a measure of conscious detachment, dispassion, Divine discrimination, and the ability to generate good will, aka, "the will to good." This is the Bodhichitta of Tibetan Buddhism, which I associate with intense autonomous positivity that we generate as needed. I have found that being dispassionate helps us step aside from the separate ego-self that suffers, and allows us to enter into radical compassion, since we do not shrink from being the eyes and ears of God.

While sometimes it seems "cold and uncompassionate" to others, this also reminds us that what others perceive (and even what we believe we're perceiving) must be seen in a broader context of the greater evolutionary good. For example, we suffer when we lose a friend, sweetheart, or mate. While sometimes it seems cold when we stand aside from ours and others' suffering, it also helps us to the light of a greater clarity about how to turn the conditional love to unconditional love. An observer may seem distant, but it could as easily be said that an enlightened view does not get involved in ego dramas and the push/pull between pleasure and pain.

All Beings feel pain, since life is painful, from the contractions in our mothers' wombs to our final breath. But we do not have to suffer. That's why one of the tasks here is to break the link between pain and suffering. So yes, we do infinite good by demonstrating that we do not have to be stuck in suffering the traps of ego desires that have been frustrated by other egos doing what they do, or our Path to Truth that forces us to end certain associations after their purpose has been fulfilled.

What you want to know about the entries and exits from the physical body into and out of Devachan is too broad a subject to be answered in this comment stream. Briefly, we have subtle bodies that continue to exist on this plane until they dissolve. These subtle echoes are not "real." They have apparent reality, but cannot know or grow beyond whatever the Soul chose when it was still alive and in a body. That's why contacting the ghosts of a Being is not helpful in any way to know anything that matters. Occasionally a Spirit/Soul can communicate with a person in this physical reality, but these are very rare circumstances, since when we're dead we're supposed to be in Heaven and not dealing with Earth. Plenty of time to do that in our next incarnation.

Higher Planes do not "want certain development of a lower plane." All co-exist on their own frequency, and we live on all of them all the time. We are here to know the difference between when we're operating from Higher Mind rather than lower mind, Soul feelings and impressions rather than astral hunches and feelings. Then we know the difference between true Intuition (heart knowing) and psychic hits (astral impressions.) We no longer fall into confusion trapped in the dualities of pleasure and pain, and can just "Be Here Now," freed from the fears and traps of ego mind and toxic emotions.

Again, there is a Way, a Path that countless Wise Ones have traveled across time. This is the Path of Initiation, where we increasingly identify with Higher Consciousness even while in this body with our feelings and mental constructs. It begins with awakened aspiration for a higher spiritual knowledge or love, and leads us to personality integration, and the breaking of the fetters of human existence such as delusion of self, doubt, superstition, fear, hatred, attachment to the body, feelings, and mind, and other traps that veil our Eternal Nature. Though it all we experience an ever greater Oneness within the oceanic field of Limitless Light.

When we cast off the chains of identifying with the material, we enter into the Paramahamsa and Jivanmukta states, where we are part of God's expression on Earth, doing Earth Service until even greater work calls us to a solar systemic or galactic level of realization and service. Again, this is way beyond the scope of this comment stream. And I will probably use some of this for an article in the future, so thanks for the questions!


Hi Robert, thank you for your wisdom and the light you shed on others path. Often, when in doubt, meet "forks on the road" or simply my ego tries to crow up, I reread articles, repeat to myself words said here and then consciously continuing walking with heart filled with light.
Wonderfully synthesized all the essence of matters. Going to keep file of this for the times I need to remind myself what's important. (Always afraid I will forget the big lessons I learned because I see my life as few different lifes and the past looks like previous life.)
I (surely and many others) would greatly appreciate if you write article/s on this theme.
Can you also recommend articles or literature on the subject "entries and exits from the physical body into and out of Devachan"? I would love to learn more, my mind needs to recognize what the intuitional knowledge brings. There is no need to contact them, they do or it is simple ability to feel and see the carried "readable" information load.
It's interesting how the universe leaves crumbs to lead you to what you need.
"All co-exist on their own frequency, and we live on all of them all the time." Does that mean that we can change planes depending on our frequency vibration? Or we are in all of them in the same time? Could it also be that a magnetic field in certain area play a role in changing our vibration? How do we find at what realm a soul is?


Hi Maggie - I don't write anything about past lives. This is the only one that matters. If you don't get it together in the here and now, then where and when? All lives are a convergence of past patterns, and we choose in this one which to perpetuate and which to eliminate. It's that simple. You may want to read "The Journey of Souls" by Michael Newton. While it's not the first or last word on the subject (he is a psychologist, after all), it's a good read. But I will repeat this: DO NOT GET HUNG UP ON PAST LIFE ANYTHING. You are here and now. That is the only life you have.

The planes exist simultaneously. We exist on them simultaneously. Our body is on the physical plane. Our feelings are on the astral plane. Our dense thoughts are on the lower mental. Our aspirational thoughts are on the higher mental. Our Soul is on the Buddhic level, and our Spirit is on the Atmic level. They all exist together all at once here and now. We can certainly change which subplane of the emotional or mental we're operating on. But they all still exist, and we're operating on all at the same time, whether we know it or not or recognize it or not. The Soul exists on the Buddhic level. It is non-dual. We do not change it, nor influence it. We either allow it to come forth, or we don't.

No, magnetic fields only influence those who are unconscious. When you are conscious, you transcend the magnetic field you're in. It's like a town has its astrological chart, within a state which has an astrological chart, within a country that has its astrological chart. We enter with our independent chart, and while we maintain our unique "Being-ness," we also have to operate within a town or state which has its own energy. That doesn't change our vibration. WE and WE ALONE change our vibration, otherwise we are victims to forces outside us, which is never a good thing.


Hi Robert, no, no, I think you didn't understand me. :) I'm not interested in past life at all. For me even the past in the current life does not exist. It was expression, trying to explain why I'm afraid I would forget the learned. When a period of life pass, the personality changes and looking back from today's point this seems someone's else life, but not mine. My brain erases everything and cuts all connections, closes all doors. So every period is separate life. But here and now. I'm not attached to any kind of past, neither here, neither before. I spent most of my life living in the future and creating future. I'm interested in the moment when we leave the now and our physical body, when we spend in the between and afterward, in the subtle echoes and how we who are still in the physical read their information. But also how they leave physical presence mark in our "world". It will take me to write a novel that to explain all my interest in the subject. Came with memory for afterward, experienced in the between, have issue staying in and here. You're right, past life doesn't matter. Matters the path we walk now and forward. I'll definitely check the book. Thank you. I'm looking not that much for people's regressed experience but for some philosophical/ theosophical/ metaphysical/ occult etc existing information on the subject.
Oh, that was really the most clear and understandable explanation of how the planes operate. Never read something better.
What forces do you mean? What could cause vibration change?

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