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Thank you for this Robert - it's very helpful. The past few years have been like this. My Progressed Sun and Mercury (natally Gemini)are both approaching a conjunction with natal Pluto in Leo, plus my Ascendant (natally Virgo) is now in Scorpio, square natal Pluto. There's a lot of Pluto going on and yes it is intense and at times quite desperate. But that's the nature of the beast.


Thank you for this great article. Pluto is now conjunct my natal Moon in the fifth house! It will eventually also conjunct my progressed Venus and Mercury which is posited in the progressed fourth house. Yes, I am going to some stressful times but I feel it's a good thing not negative.


Dear Robert, your articles always come at the right moment, that is when I ask for a sign from heavens to keep me going. It has been an incredible trying period of my life (dob August 15, 63)almost 12 years and the past 3 years has been the most difficult. I know Pluto and Saturn are somewhat the significant mentors in my life journey. I am hoping to pass my final exams this time, ready to graduate:) Thanks for incredible insight.


Thanks (as always) Robert for another enlightening article!
At the tail end of Pluto opposing my Sun & Squaring my MC/IC, Mars & Saturn I def. have been reborn...
Love your concluding remark ''break free of your fear and jump into the cauldron willingly. You’ll come out golden!''- I couldn't agree with you more!



Blessings be to all.


Here one of having Pluto transit opposition Cancer Sun.

I changed (or more exactly I was fired) my career when
transit was opposition venus.
Now I thank God for giving Jupiter transit for my 1st house,
which gives me hope. And I have problems having yoga, when
6 practice per week have to lessen to one or two.
Really waiting to get back to my yoga again....
or maybe the practice will change...


Hi all - Over at FB, I had this interaction which bears reprinting here: Someone wrote: "Pluto has aspected my second house of finance for years. Terrifying if it's coming for another swipe at me. Help! I am really scared!"

I replied: "It could also bring you enormous wealth, if you cultivate Pluto's seeds with an eye to the future. Find the seeds you want to sprout, and tend them well. Tiny beginnings become huge life changes with Pluto. In any case, program your mind to be receptive to something you can do to make money and serve a need. You'll find what you're looking for."

She wrote back: "Thank you so much! ... From reading your article I am guessing surviving Pluto is something to do with staying positive, grace under fire and dharma? I know I made 'wrong' choices the last time this affected my Mars in Capricorn in Second House (just after 2007) because I nearly lost everything and I'm not out of the woods yet. There have been some positive things which happened as a result of making the 'wrong choices' which nearly ruined me financially; everything has duality. I will definitely take your advice! Thank you so much once again. ... I feel more confident about what I must do next. I really appreciate it."

I then offered: "Pluto guides us through the underworld of our existence, and brings us face to face with our deepest fears in situations that are out of our control. Still, if this IS us, then this is a journey we all go through at least once in our lives, so it's part of the human journey out of fear into spiritual adulthood. Much of our experience depends on how much we've made friends with Saturn, as I make clear in my book on that planet. With Saturn in my 2nd, I've learned a lot about resources; they come and go like the air we breathe. Knowing when to let go and when to say yes to the new is the key to moving through life's vicissitudes with grace and style."

Mary Louise

Amazing. Powerful, complete and accurate insights.

I've had a Pluto transit going on since 2009 when it conjuncted my natal 12th house Moon; I believe Pluto hit my Moon 3 times, like a tsunami each time, tons of "stuff" bubbled to the surface; or was that a volcano erupting? If that were not enough, Pluto crossed my natal ascendant 5 times between March 2015 and November 2016. Looking at the meaning of my natal Pluto/Moon, while simultaneously learning by experience what that natal promise was seemed to merge; which came first? This was an intense time, then the plot thickened as progressed Moon crossed my ascendant in May of this year, then hit transit Pluto on my relocated ascendant in July, just the other day.

Thinking this might be the "final and complete end" (my mother died when Pluto crossed her ascendant) it certainly was an intense few years, but not all that hard. Many of the hard things from the past did come to light; hopefully to be forever released. It wasn't an easy earlier life and I've just now realized how bad it was! That's a good thing, if I'd have known earlier I might have given up.

"And once something dies, we must sit with the deep feelings or lose the opportunity to sink our roots deeper" pretty much describes where I am.

It leaves me wondering: to what purpose? Since I'm still here, how do I give back some of this wisdom? With my intention considerably purified, I'm starting small, wherever opportunity presents itself I pass on what little I know about navigating a difficult situation. I now think my main job here is to help via communicating information.

All is well, I have several plaques around the house: "Live, Laugh, Love".

Great article Robert.

Kate Minogianni

Hi Robert.
Thank you so much for this amazing article. Very relevant to my situation!! :) Pluto has been sqaring my Aries stellium 11 house of Mercury 7 Aries, Moon 12 ARies, Venus 19 Aries, Sun 25 Aries, which natally squares Mars 2O Cancer 2nd House,and trines Uranus 22 Sun 3rd house. So, you see I have been having both Uranus and Pluto in major aspects with my natal planets for years now. And, yes, my life has been going a number of phases. In September 2010 I attempted to go to live and work in the UK in now avail. In February 2012 I was offered a position on an island in Thailand where I worked for 10 months, but came back, though this is not what I wanted. It was the black night of the soul for me, which made me reconsider my attitude and values in life. Today I am really happy with the person I have become. In the middle of major changes in my work life, as I am trying to do something completely different and lay the seeds to work as a freelancer. I have been preparing that for the last 14 months, and I still have a lot of fears with facing the unknown. So, as Pluto is in my 8th and opposing my Mars in the 2nd, and squaring Venus in 11th :) I hope all this will be for the better. The good thing is that I am very fond of changes, particularly deep changes. Natally I have Pluto conj.North Node Virgo 4th house, opp. MC conj.Chiron (Chiron in the MP of Jupiter Aquarius end of 8th (beginning 9th) and Mercury aries 11th. I am also a psychotherapist. I am also a very Uranian personality. Sun sqare MP ASC/Uranus. My whole life is devoted to change, internal and external, and transformation. I think note worthy is the fact that when Pluto opposed my natal Venus in 1976 my father was transferred from his work from a city to another. Then when opposed my Sun in summer 1982 I met my future husband. The synchronicities are amazing.


Thank you for this timely article popping up on my feed this morning as Saturn returns and Pluto squares my Sun, both within a degree of exact. Meanwhile am grateful for laughter, a softening heart, moments of real connection with others, the sweetness of our Earth and its beings. Grey and stormy weather abounds (for us all, I know), and I look forward to 'golden'! Thanks for the reminder that all is 'as Divine Mother allows'.


This is a very good article on holding tight during pluto transits. How interesting reading peoples' experiences. I had an experience of Pluto transiting opposite my natal mars (1st house), 6 years ago - very unpleasant. As someone said previously a " dark night of the soul".

Currently pluto is squaring my natal pluto , I believe this is a generational aspect. I certainly had to let a few things go last year , with Grace.

Jeannie warren

Robert - please help the february 1962 aquarians to prepare for Pluto conjunction x 6 (plus s node) when it make the exit from Capricorn . Or will we all just combust by then?


Saturn and Pluto hold the key
The letting go, the setting free
To rise above the misery
Brings wisdom, LOVE and comedy...
To stand in the Healing and know GOD exists
To swallow all suffering and still feel the bliss

Kate Minogianni

Hi Robert (once again) :)

I would like to know your opinion about 1)Uranus in Taurus, and 2) Pluto in Aquarius


Thank you very much for writing this article.

It is brilliant in its light to the darkness and profound uncertainty Pluto introduces into the life.

Whereas your writing is always relatable and is empathetic to people's distress, I feel this particular article gives an even higher amount of care and compassion to how Pluto feels in the life.

My natal Pluto is four degrees away from the descendant, my Pluto decisions have not always been wise ones, and your article makes me feel a little better on how to handle the next episode in my life.

Thank you again!


Hi all - Since my last check in we've had massive power outages across our state. Last night I was off line for several hours, as well as for a time this morning, so couldn't respond.

Hi Mary Louise - I'm sure Pluto conj your Moon was "a tsunami" of historic proportions in your life. That will happen to me when Pluto is in Aquarius, which I'll write about in the future when I have some time. Right now it's all Eclipse and all Mercury retrograde all the time in my world! When the prog Moon crossed your Asc, you set your course for many years to come.

(Full disclosure: As I have not found relocation charts to be accurate, I can't say anything about the relocated Asc. The flaw is that you cannot be born anywhere except where you were, and there's absolutely no evidence that relocation charts indicate anything not promised by the natal and progressed charts coupled with transits. For locations I use charts of towns, states, and nations, and have begun to use Geodetic Equivalents again in my work. An article on GE will come when I have time.)

Yes, Pluto conjunct the Asc will bring many hidden things to light, and end some self-images forever. Pluto may not be “easy,” but it is that which compels us to visit the underworld of human existence and come to peace with that part of Eternity. Glad you’re sinking your roots deeper. Eventually you will come to the heart of compassion when you experience how your experience connects you to the heart of life that you share with countless other.

Your purpose is what you are here to BE. Dharma is beyond so many words, but I find it is that which we must LIVE because we LOVE so much. You give back wherever others “volunteer to be open to it.” You will find you don’t have to have a soapbox; it’s more like being attentive to the small opportunities that present themselves where it’s natural for you to volunteer your wisdom born of your experience. And truly, “Live, Laugh, and Love” is a great way to live! Bravo!!

Hi Kate – You’re welcome. The trines active this Summer are exceptionally good; the T-square gives you release into Libra. Jupiter has been teaching you a lot about rhythm, perspective, and balanced approaches. Welcome to a time of finding your place of greatest service, learning to keep the momentum in your own hands, and finding a different way of representing yourself to your world.

Yes, 2009-2012 was no doubt a gigantic balancing act for you, trying to say organized. Those lessons are the ones you need to use now. What Saturn taught you then, Jupiter is giving opportunity now. Glad you reconsidered what you needed to in order to be happier. Pluto afflicting Venus often takes things and people away that are diverting us, or preventing us from getting concrete results in our efforts, assuming we’re striving for appropriate ends.

I’ll write about Uranus in Taurus in the relatively near future. The Pluto in Aquarius will be part of a longer, “Age of Aquarius” series I’ll do further down the line.

Hi Penelope – Have confidence that the new you that is already moving toward her intention will be more real in the future than the rapidly receding past that you can’t hold on to even if you try. This usually accompanies pioneering new directions in life, and with Saturn near its natal position, free will allows you to shape the new course making time, discipline, and patience your allies. You’re definitely on the right track if you can state “… am grateful for laughter, a softening heart, moments of real connection with others, the sweetness of our Earth and its beings.” And yes, as long as the Cosmic Order prevails, Spring will always follow Winter.

Hi Helen – That’s why I have a comment section, so people can share their experience of a transit or whatever. We are all more learned and aware together than we are separately. Yes, Pluto opposed Mars can be perilous, but there were also other aspects at the time that no doubt kept you alive to tell us the tale!

Hi Jeannie Warren – I’ll try to craft an article about “The Age of Aquarius” and the seeds that will be sprouted when Pluto moves through that sign, as well as its profound impact on all those of that generation. You will not doubt find Chapter 10 in my Saturn book useful, since it elaborates on Saturn conjunct the Pluto of everyone on Earth in recent years.

Hi sue – Yes! Very well done!!

Hi Sherry – You’re most welcome. Having lived in hellish darkness for many years, never knowing if or when it would lighten even a little, I now know how to generate the Light in the darkness, and hold the tension of uncertainly until it turns to self-transformation. Thanks for the praise of the material being “relatable and empathetic,” since I’m only trying to offer my experience and the insights I earned the hard way that seem to be a universal in our human condition. With Pluto near the Dsc, don’t take others’ reactions personally. Without any effort on your part, you stir their deepest fears and hopes for transformation simultaneously. Being human, they of course revert to Saturn, which shows you how healthy or unhealthy that function is in them, as well as you. I address that in my book as well. And you’re welcome again!

Ale Tarallo

Thank you Robert. Your words ring true and as always offer much perspective. Pluto passed my sun in the past few years and is coming up for a visit to natal mercury. Your book about mercury retrograde has also provided much food for thought as mercury is stationary retrograde in my natal chart.

Kate Minogianni

Thank you so much Robert :)


Hi all, and thanks to all :) my 2nd H cusp is in 7 Aries, and my natal Jupiter is in 15 Aries, in the 2nd house. A golden placement, one might say, but with the crawling Pluto in mid-Capricorn, squaring this area of my chart, it's been a roller coaster :) vast $$ poured on me unexpectedly, at a point, then it's like drought, then.. I keep a close watch in Jupiter hovering mid-Libra now :) besides, there's a tight Venus Pluto bundle in 9-10 Libra, in my chart. They talk a lot about "love & sex" side of this conjunction, but no one speaks of Venus (abundance, as in Venus-ruled Tau) and Pluto (enormity). By logic, Venus + Pluto must have something in it as to enormous wealth :) I only wonder where & how it might manifest:) and.. my Sun is in 25 Scorpio, so.. it might be that both Jupiter and Pluto in transit are just warming up, before they shower me with.. whatever :) let luck be with us all ! :)


Thanks Roberto! This is enlightening.

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