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There is nothing wrong with your proposal. The collected money from the tax charged on bullets could be used directly to health care, particular of those suffering from bullet wounds.
For some one to defend itself and its property there is no need to have 200 bullets is there? So making them more expensive will not forbid some to have the "resources" for protection.
That said, the problem is still there. One effects have been addressed. The idea (ideology) that people need guns to insure a better life or some kind of safety falls on its feet as you compare statistics from any country (except those torn by war) and the US. The death rate in the US is seen nowhere else! Where is the safety, the security?. If guns made people safer, then there wouldn't be a better place than the front line in an assault charge in a war zone. American mentality has to change, face reality (statistics are there) and understand that there truly are "no others" and that violence will bring more violence.
Blessings be to all, in particular the victims and families of gun shots.


The fact that many of your readers who usually agree with you disagreed on the topic of guns shows you are pretty out there, Robert. The emotional force you invest in this topic as well as the veiled threat you make -- "please meditate on the law of 'as you do so shall be done to you' instead of leaving a comment" -- in hopes of preemptively shutting down debate due to fear of your being triggered makes one wonder if you have a personal reason for being so bombastic. Have you lost a family member to gun violence?


Hi Allison - After some thought, I'll offer this response. First, you exaggerate. "Many" of my thousands of readers have given me feedback they appreciate what I wrote. So am I "out there" when responses are running 99 to 1 in favor of what I state? Emotional force? Yes, because I do not like the slaughter of innocents. No sane person does. Just because some people have become numb to the slaughter does not mean there is the slightest thing "wrong" in those who feel strongly.

Yes, I recommend you and everyone meditate on that universal spiritual law. What's your problem with it? You don't like me reminding you about the law of cause and effect? Tough. I don't have to shut down a debate, since I've debated this issue for 50 years, and people like you refuse to acknowledge that gun violence is out of control. So you're just dishonest, since you don't really want a debate. You just want a platform to justify the needless deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocents.

I don't need a personal reason to believe we need to tax bullets. It's a sane way to decrease needless deaths, and allows a way to monitor gangbangers, terrorists, and others who want to use bullets to kill people. I do not need to lose a close family member to gun violence to know that gun violence murders hundreds of thousands of people in a very short period of time. That said, would a close friend dying of gun violence be good enough for you, or in your supreme judgment and morality does it require only a family member? Does it have to be merely "a family member" or must it be a "close family member?" By your flawed logic, only those who have lost a family member to a heroin overdose are allowed to have strong feelings about heroin overdoses.

You sure do have a supercilious attitude to come here with your defense of the slaughter of innocent people.


Now we're a nation with more bullets than brains
Armed to the teeth and going insane
Toxic addictions and violent games
Follow the money and know who to blame...

Chip the guns and the bullets!


Saturn in Capricorn will show you that you are in the belly of the Beast. A culture of death and human sacrifice paying just enough lip service to love, justice and the children. What motivates the ruling political machine is directly antithetical to the human spirit. This sad extension of Daddy revels in the perversity of manufactured consent. Time and time again. From Pearl Harbor to 9/11 to crazed gunmen firing on civilians. Let the dopey masses lay their own discernment and civil liberties at their tormentor’s feet. The Devil loves to get you to hang yourself with your own rope. Tax bullets? What are you crazy, that may decrease violence? We have no one left to bully, no third world nations left to slaughter. They said pop culture will eat itself. The US death/war agenda has to feed, so it will feed upon its own citizens. There must be war! We need hatred! Suspicion. Bigotry. Racism. Peace sucks. Stir the pot, send in a demagogue to justify the “righteous” anger and play the supporters like a fiddle. Is there a greater commodity to a politician than spiritual friction in the collective? Tax bullets? What, do you have a heart or something? What, are you humane?

We are at the ass end of 1776.


Hi Robert, I know you say one life ended due to guns/bullets is too many, but consider this: if there are over 300 million guns at any given time in the U.S., tens of billions of bullets, and 40,000 deaths per year due to gun violence, it certainly seems inordinately more of those guns and bullets are NOT killing people than are. In this sence, I agree with you that it is the "nutjob" and the "gangbanger," not the vast majority of citizens who do not use their guns and bullets to murder.

Lalia Wilson

I agree with you regarding taxing and regulating bullets. Another workable solution is to require liability insurance for each gun and let the insurance companies set the rates and do the background checks. A third solution is to buy back the weapons as was done in Australia. I can think of more solutions. But only a minority of us have the political will to act. Bravo! Keep blogging!

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