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Hey Robert..
Great website that I have checked out for years..

With that, perhaps you should leave politics aside, and focus beyond the ignorance that is of BOTH SIDES.

Wait for someone to accuse you of sexual abuse/physical abuse/slander/racism/etc... then have the bandwagon effect come into play due to politics.
Have many people accuse you based on 30+yr old accusations that can come back and haunt you.

You are a smart man, with a heart of gold... Don't let that be tainted by joining into this situation that is full of political falsities and slander..
You too would get defensive if the whole world was against you based on a false narritive...
You too would become disrespectful to those who are siding against the truth you hold.
You too would shift the focus back to the false accuser..
You too would shift blade to those who join in with ignorance and "bangwagon" thinking based on headlines/narrative of those who politically HATE you.
You too would refuse to delay these tactics for days/months in order to continue the life you've matured and grown into..

Please keep politics off of this wonderful site full of light and deep TRUTHS...
We know nothing of this man or his history.... Nor do we of yours....

Don't lead others into darkness that is false and generated... You CANNOT state TRUTH on this situation... This is political and agenda driven...

Don't be part of the gaslighting...

Namaste.. And peace be with you and your light you shine..


Hi Jason - First, I tend to suspect people who don't leave a legit email contact to be duplicitous. If you're not being dishonest, then why hide a way for us to dialog?

You seem to forget I'm a package deal. If you want my astrology, you get my politics. Don't like it? Tough. I heard the same crap when I called Dick Cheney a war criminal. Those who didn't like it scurried into the darkness like roaches, and never did once try to have an honest dialog with me. Again, dishonesty makes me suspect the motive of those who question.

While "both sides" (whatever that means) are part of the duality, it's disingenuous to suggest that Dems and Repubs have the same motive or the same ambition. This is proved by history. You may claim otherwise. Put up some proof. Please.

I am an old man, and NO ONE has dared to accuse me of any misconduct, because I DON'T do that, and NEVER have. No one has ever suggested I am anything but appropriate in my relationships with the opposite sex. I have literally had tens of thousands of interactions with women in my over 50 years of dating and marriage. So your scenario is only applicable to those who have behaved inappropriately. Have you done these things? Do you know the stats on false accusations? I'm sure you don't, or you would never have suggested such a ridiculous thing. An incredibly small percentage of sex crimes accusations are false.

The answer is no one. Not one person has ever accused me, or any male I know of such a thing. So you must run with some bad company to suggest that it's remotely possible for decent men to be accused of such a thing.

Kavanaugh is a scumbag. It's not just one or two unverified accusers. There are FOUR verified incidents, with at least 30-50 witnesses who want to testify. Kavanaugh is a lying weasel. He's lied under oath - that was verified yet once again at his hearing. BTW - It is a job interview. His intemperate behavior, his lying under oath, his accusations, his dissembling, his paranoid partisan rant, his anger, all make him unfit for the Supreme Court. We do not need a partisan lying hack who abuses women and has a serious gambling problem on the court. Yes, it's established he has a serious gambling problem, and owes some people some serious change.

I am not an idiot. I am involved in the political activity of my day, as I have been for over 50 years. That is part of who I am. Tainted? Take that to the mirror. When your body, emotions, and mind are as clear as mine, then we can discuss the notion of "tainted." I must reject your inference as prejudicial due to your own lack of clarity, whether physical, emotional, or mental. Again, I'll dialog, but you were dishonest by not giving me your email.

It is not slander to wonder why 40 witnesses were refused the ability to testify. It is not slander to see an angry outburst from a compulsive gambler and drunk partisan political hack unable to defend his disgusting behavior, and blame the victim.

You frame things funny. No Supreme Court nominee should become defensive; no nominee should be disrespectful under ANY circumstance. No upright human being shifts blame to others; no legal eagle will attack others emotionally. You clearly are unfit for SCOTUS, as is Bart O'Drunken hornyboy.

Delay? Merrick Garland. A decent man and judge. Then there's Gorsuch. I note no such circus accompanied his nomination and almost unanimous confirmation. You don't seem to have much perspective here. Dems didn't do any of this. Gorsuch is an honorable man, unlike Bart O'Drunk.

So are you inferring YOU know the truth here, and I don't? That's very presumptuous. Gaslighting? You don't seem to know what that word means. All I did here was offer some very well established parameters for a technique batterers use against victims. Are you defensive? Why? Why wouldn't you want me to offer this to others? Do YOU have an agenda? Again, my life is an open book. You hide behind a fake email.

I will continue to speak and write the truth as I know it. And on my worst day I am still a more honorable human being than Bart O'Kavanaugh on his best. Namaste and peace out.


"Interesting" when someone comes and tells you what you can write about or not on your web site. One wonders where the "power and authority" to do so come from. For someone to do this qualifies him/her clearly.
I am glad this is a site that is open to opinions and dialog, the problem is when people are not qualified/capable to respect other opinions, more so the site's author freedom to express what he/she wants.

Blessings be to all.


Hi Nic - Especially politically, since I have over 50 years of being politically active and aware. "Jason" forgets that a SC Justice must be held to a higher standard. Kavanaugh's temper was on display, as was his conspiratorial and clearly biased belligerence. I wouldn't want him as a coworker, much less a judge, and much much less a federal judge. There is no excuse, not even the perception of a false allegation, to make him lose his temper that way. A Supreme Court judge is supposed to be beyond that, and if he can't be calm even under pressure, he doesn't have the personality to be a federal appellate judge.

In my years on Earth, I've only known one man who was unjustly accused of sexual assault, but I've known at least 100 women who were victims of sexual assault. When I spoke with them, all but 3 or 4 had credible stories, even without witnesses. I know one whose husband put her in the hospital and required 40 stitches to survive, the cut was so bad. She had the scar to prove it. When I had the unfortunate experience of being contacted by the ex, he was furious she "hadn't gotten over it yet."

I only posted "Jason's" comment to give us all a teachable moment. His comment reads like a talking point memo from the Republican party. Nothing he says is relevant to the issue: Is this man qualified for the job? The FBI "investigation" was curtailed by the president, as is in his power. They didn't investigate his compulsive gambling. They didn't investigate his chronic drunkenness. They only investigated 3 or 4 of the 50 witnesses to his drunken sexual assaults.

And it's also interesting this is essentially a post about tactics used by perps to justify or deflect from their own behavior, and yet "Jason" wanted to zero in on Kavanaugh, not the problem with sexual abusers and their tactics. You will also note he didn't refute one point; he only tried to justify that behavior. That makes me VERY suspicious of "Jason" since I've found it's usually only abusers who try to justify abusive behavior.

I have no doubt that victims of sexual assault are all too familiar with these tactics, as well as the men who try to justify that behavior because of one reason or another. And since abusive men also abuse men as well as women, that's why I post these from time to time. Just note when people try to justify things they should not be trying to justify. That's part of building our "glamor dispelling mechanism," which as you know is a critical part of our mechanism if we are to see through the types of BS arguments which justify excessive destructive behavior. In this case, Kavanaugh and his justifiers are exhibit A for helping us learn to discern between truth and lies.


Seems to me "Jason" has engaged in forms of #'s 1 thru 5 in his(?) post. And signing off with Namaste...really?!


The media in their frenzy to report sweet fa But opinions...
Why don't the cameras pull back to wide shots at ronald dump's rallies...the crowds are not there and the media says nothing...


Hi Robert,
Yes, "Jason's" post provides many opportunities to learn and be aware of how the fail system tries to perpetuate itself. It also helps to be aware as to dispel glamour and illusion. The true "battle field" is in the plane of mind, in ideas, and analyzing ideas to see what is behind them is a good starting point to discriminate between ideas and ideologies, specially the ideology supported by fanaticism and no critical, intelligent thought.
Thanks for an interesting thread and all the comments it has brought forward, and all the thoughts provoked.

Blessings be to all.


Thanks for the response. Not truly expected.

My not providing an email was initially in no way to hide, be dishonest, or create any strife.
I assumed you to vet your comments, and so this was more of a personal post that you could take or leave.

My "both sides" comment was in reference to the "sides" that have been "chosen for us" in this country of Red and Blue... No shades of Purple/Violet allowed.
In no way do I believe these sides to have the same ambition.... But they both see their ways as the best ways... (typical in human duality)

(evidence is not there by the way... his confirmation will display that... - So what will that mean? He is still guilty? Then why is he still confirmed?)

Spirit is beyond this game, and allows the game to play. Once we begin to select a side, and not see the other side, we fall to EGO. (No harm... EGO is required for this game.)
However, when we come from EGO solely, we force duality to exist and be our driving force. (such as the current experience we find ourselves in on this time on the scale.)
Spirit allows a 3rd person perspective (and beyond), and with that we see all sides, without judgement.. Only observation and learning.
Duality requires an opposite. There is no right without wrong, no good without bad. Our experiences/senses/EGOs create judgement on these beliefs for preservation of ours/others minds, bodies, EGOs and souls. (not stating anything you don't know obviously with the light that you carry)

So in those regards, one can even say "Thank You" to Brett Kavanaugh for bringing light, openness, shedding of skins/burdens with many of those held back by the past. Freeing these young emotional beings of burdens of a past that cannot harm them. (many which are self perpetuated and created for years.... years of old memory that is useless and was meant to grown through)
Spirit would agree, EGO would provide a dual response to that statement...

To judge a man's soul based on his teenage years, and one event (potentially), where no intercourse was had/forced, where everyone was drinking (drugging?), is ignorant.
I too lived a very solitudial (making up words) life, which was self chosen. I am a 35yr old Scorpio who visits OUR darkness on a daily basis.
I shine on those who hate me, love me, and those indifferent to me... We are all learning to human...

I shine on you alls responses as emotional and surface (emotional) responses, which provide no valuable retort to your position on your statements. (facts in this "case"?)

We are in the stages of creating a world that will lack forgiveness and grace, with the disdain displayed in the media and platforms such as a website/twitter/etc. Are ya'll ready for that? pfffft
I applaud that you state a pure life has been your experience and effort in this game. Much love to you, and thank you for sticking with the "misery" involved in "OUR" (YOURS AND MINE) purification. However, to believe that you could not be slandered in this life of social media, bandwagoning, and lack of compassion.. You are wrong.

We can be Guilty Until Proven Innocent?! This was seen with the media (which is highly liberal - am I wrong?) which stated, aired, and considered him GUILTY before any witnesses came forward...
However, he will be confirmed? What does that mean with your previous statements? ("your" being you and the other posters, and people in the world)
What does that mean? The world is unfair and unjust? Because of "4 witnesses?? 35 yrs ago??

Or because this was a tactical ploy? Can you accept that as a potential even??

To think that this could not be done to an innocent man is very small minded.
With the mass of small minds that live in emotion (media created - am I wrong?), they can be guided and put into action quite easily..

Also, you quickly felt judged by my comments... Similar to his (Kavanaugh) response to the politicized/televised "job interview"
How do you think you'd feel if the internet, and the news channels slandered you? Would you not feel angry and defensive? Would you not fall through levels of "DARVO"?

I don't know what gaslighting is?
Was your response to me, and the couple of poster's responses to me, not have you qualify as a gaslighter?
I too am a clear being sir.. Physical age means little in the reality of spirit and the evolution within it.

I could wonder for miles with chatter... And again, I was never here for negativity...

However, with his confirmation, which will occur.. What will be your and the few commentors feeling and responses be to the decision?
His confirmation will occur... so are we intentionally unjust to this woman?

Ignorance to reality unfortunately allows one to create their own... -Jason (I just created that knowledge for you all.. Can you accept that? or am I judged and disregarded?)

My original post was non-direct to your being, sir.
I was simply stating that you should put the shoe on the other foot.
Politics will destroy this world, and social media is the vehicle that kick started it.
(that is why i posted on your site - because of the spirit it is filled with)

I posted because I care... Again.. Is he still guilty after FBI investigations (multiple), and confirmation from even Susan Collins?
Do you judge her "Republican Status" BEFORE her spirit, and her beliefs of just for humans in America?
What do the abuse believers and accusers do after he is confirmed?!!!? They MUST STAY WITH THEIR ORIGINAL BELIEF!!! (EGO... SIMPLE AS THAT)

We are lost potentials on a planet (dimension) propped by the lost... And we are getting loster... (more made up words)

I am not, nor ever was, here to attack...
Light is beyond this day, beyond this time, beyond these days of comments on my comment.. Beyond our current feelings.
Spirit has no time, physical age is illusion, 3rd dimensional perceptions are tainted...

Let's have conversations..
Your fellow posters provided no value in their responses... only bandwagon comments.. Bring more value fellows.

Prove me wrong.. ;)
I will dance with those who want to converse below this level of surface living we are lulled into.. ;)


...and GOD said "Laughter being the best medicine...I put toilet paper on his shoe..."
You're Welcome!


Hi Jason - Since your response is quite long and has some thoughtful issues raised, I'll respond on Monday. Right now I am, as it was once sung with one slight change, "All around the water tank waiting for a train, two thousand miles away from home sleeping in the rain..."

Lisa Ange

Bless you Robert. It is a great post. I never heard the acronym DARVO, and many of us should know it. People who have been abused, or are serially abused start to doubt themselves and their perceptions. Education and validation can help stop the cycle. We may not be able to change people who are abusers, but we can help people protect and defend themselves from abuse - from anyone, anywhere. This is good guidance and teaching.

I saw some of the Kavanaugh hearings and testimony. I did feel for him and his family in the early part of his statement. Then he pivoted, it was a huge RED flag. His behavior was that of an abuser and displayed ugly partisanship. He promised revenge. Politics aside, many lawyers and conservatives cited him as not appropriate for the Supreme Court for temperament alone. I agree. Thanks for reminding me about his loans and debts, like our President, that is another big red flag on this man.

Thanks on a personal level too. Bless you.


Thanks for acknowledging my post Robert.. I have been one to stay away from social media, due to its judgements and (in this day of age) storage in history, which we WILL be judged from in the future.. (now... even). Your website is literally the only "stage" I have spoke on in YEARS... (again.. because I appreciate you.. and was only meant for you)

I am not a registered voter, due to the fact that politics are of creation to create division.. There is no This or That beyond duality...
I surely may lean more conservative, but accept people and the lives we all lead. (with limitations of course... because a human can create ANY reality for themselves and others...)

We all have beliefs beyond party lines. America is the GREATEST country in the world! We are the most diverse, and NO-DOUBTEDLY the most progressive.
This current time we live in is showing us how different we really are, and the challenges/time it will take to come to a "closer" consensus on how we should be together. America is an experiment that will be full of challenges... And will take TIME!
But we must face OUR internal challenges before we can solve the external (social), in my opinion.

I felt myself wanting to argue points, and create a display of "see... I am right...", as we all want to feel/portray.
But I am not here to change points of view, or tell anyone they are wrong on their point of view/perceptions...
However, lately, we are not of our own opinion/perception, but of an agreed upon view, based on other's views, or "small minded" views on our personal life experiences on this planet that we deem to be "unfair" and "unjust".... (unfair/unjust is subjective, and sometimes are really based on experiences of growth potential that we fail to recognize)

And when we lose sight of spirit, and it's forgiveness of this human experience, we turn into tribal thinking, and continue to divide.. (animalistic in a sense)
This division is being created for selfish purposes these days, and we are ignorant to the CONTROl that is lurking behind the scenes from those in "power".. (media mainly these days)

My depth allows me to see the futures that are being created.. I "live" in observation of this experience... I don't live "in" this earth experience like most..
To think that either political party cares about the human/racial/gender cause is a wishful thought based on a need to believe, or an acceptance of "this is all we got".

I began to meditate when I was 20 years old, due to the sadness and anger for myself, society, and its/my direction...
I was forced to retreat into myself due to the treatment of my being due to being heavily overweight, horrible acne, and within the low-income of a 6-member family in a 2 bedroom trailer park lifestyle up to the age of 14.

Currently being 35, healthy, and successful in my job, my history is non-observant to those in society, or in my current atmosphere..
But my history lives with me daily, in my spirit, in my love for humans (winners/lost souls/chosen losers)..

My ability to live, share, uplift, enlighten, grow, share growth, was created with my "pains" in life.
We are given situations in life to grow through, and CREATE LIGHT (for ourselves and others) from.
We must SHED those "negatives" of the past to move on... Or we will be controlled by ourselves and others... FOREVER..

Meditation, Self Awareness, and Compassion is the cure for all perceived ills... But the cure (meditation) too can be a painful self analysis that we must go through.
Forgive those who have done you wrong, accept that they may have been done wrong and carry on those wrongs because of habit and ignorance.
But also see if they have learned to move beyond their past wrongs, which may have been of immature/unconscious behaviors that humans go through.
Forgive the past that no longer can harm you... re-visit the past ONLY to solidify your future and the forgiveness and growth learned from it.
Take that time! Take that pain! Release it and Thank it! Thank your past for the future you controllably create NOW!

I merely commented (initially) to create a "shoe on the other foot" observational potential.
We cannot/should not be led by the media and mass minds of this new age (media/social media age) we live in.

Again, I can accept your your responses, and am willing to share a retort as well.. (which will always be backed with more than a statement)
However, please do not cast aside my comments as "Right Wing/Republican/Facist/Etc" until you fully see where i am coming from...

We must ALL accept information beyond our beliefs, because beliefs can limit information that we receive.
We are all right, and we are all wrong... Reality is an observation and lifestyle... We all live in different realities...

However, with that, we can ALL live together in a SHARED reality of kindness, humility, compassion, tolerance, forgiveness, and acceptance..

I look forward to conversing more with you and your team/followers at AquariusPapers..
Like me or Dislike me... I am willing to battle with love. And do not look to create any strife here.

We are far more than this timescale we are currently aware of... And the more we work on and repair OURSELVES, the better HUMANITY will be...
Even beyond our observational lifespan, and even if we will never know it... We Can Make the Future Better...

Thanks again Robert...
(my comments and love go beyond this political theater we are seeing.... and your kindness/love does as well... and I really appreciate you..)



Hi Jason – In case you didn’t know it, you posted literally 8 pages. So I don’t think I’ll answer some of your statements that are off topic or irrelevant.

I disagree with your purple statement. I believe that the only ones who refuse to allow that the majority of the US ARE in fact blue or purple are being dishonest. Yes, I believe that humane progressive policies ARE better than regressive draconian policies.

He was confirmed b/c McConnell is an authoritarian and anti-democratic. He is one of the most evil men ever to be in Congress, since he’s literally broken all three branches of government. Easy to prove.

You don’t get to wave off legitimate concerns with “Spirit is beyond the game.” Spirit IS the game, and if we don’t ground Spirit in this world, we abandon all future hope for a better world. As for judgment, that’s impossible. You and me and we all judge all the time every day. It’s how our mind is wired. The trick is to make good judgments rather than poor ones.

Kav’s teen years show the foundation of a very toxic and compulsive person with no common sense nor any sense of boundaries. That impacts how they will be as an adult. Your situation isn’t his, and you’re not on SCOTUS, so your analogy doesn’t fit. Again, it’s not about being slandered at random; there are dozens who came forth testifying he was a black out drunk and sexual predator. That Congress refused to interview them doesn’t make their testimony false.

This wasn’t about being innocent till proven guilty. This was a job interview. No one who lies under oath – PROVED! – should be allowed on SCOTUS. Yes, he is guilty of perjury. That should disqualify him.

No, I would use an entirely different approach than DARVO. If you wouldn’t then you need to become educated in forensic debate. Look up gaslighting. I have an article on it in the archives. Since you literally don’t know what it is, your inference that I am doing that is ridiculous.

My opinion is that he is unfit for the court. He is prejudicial and a political hack who has delusions, paranoia, and very little self-control. You also don’t seem to know that the president entirely determines the scope of the investigation and doesn’t have to release any findings. So we’ll never know what the investigation turned up.

You literally presume to know how I reason my view? You literally presume to think I don’t take many things of Spirit into account every moment of my life? You sure do presume a lot. I assure you, I’m not lost, nor getting more lost. You presume a lot.

As to your second very long post: Sorry you’re not a voter. You are complicit in bringing disaster upon our nation. All those who believe they are “above the fray” are deluded. This is for the heart and soul of our nation; the forces of authoritarianism versus a better society for the poor, elderly, and infirm.

You also seem to have another ego trap; you believe “a human can create ANY reality for themselves and others...” That’s a delusion. You cannot create cheaper gasoline, nor can you create a flying car that runs on air. On a different level, you cannot prevent polluters from creating cancers in others, but we can in groups prevent pollution, and discrimination, and injustice. You can’t prevent Wall Street parasites from creating bubbles leading to a Great Depression; but in groups we can.

Actually, America hasn’t been “number one” for a long time in anything except how many are incarcerated and how much we feed the MIC. No, we’re not the “most progressive.” There are hard facts to back that up.

Are you being cathartic, or trying to preach how much I and my readers “should” be creating Light, shedding negatives, meditating, generating compassion and so forth? That again is VERY presumptuous of you. You believe you can preach about taking time and pain and releasing it? I pray you NEVER go through what I’ve been through. It would slam your attitude against a very hard rock and you’d never believe in cheerleading again.

While some of what you say is good advice, my advice to you is continue to take it to the mirror, and stop making statements that infer the rest of us haven’t done a lot of hard work on our egos this life. I know you are trying to find a way beyond conflict, and will at some point. But not by denying its very existence, nor in non-participation in the crucial affairs of your lifetime.

The heart is a muscle that benefits from a good workout. It does not benefit by non-exercise. Do not mistake the challenge to create a positive effect while maintaining equilibrium with a weakness that withdraws from public affairs. We anchor spirit, and nothing else grounds it like we do. If we don’t do it, it doesn’t get done.

And if we choose to withdraw, then it must not lead to an unhealthy isolation in an ivory tower of ego mind. The proof of Spirit is a robust engagement with reality, not sniffing about the illusion of duality.

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Vicki Forman
Your Enchanted Gardener

Progressive Transcultural Groups
Imagine Peace
Network of Spiritual Progressives
Pathways to Peace
Ram Dass Foundation
School of Ageless Wisdom
The Borgen Project
World Teacher Trust

Ending Hunger and Go Organic Links
America's 2nd Harvest
Farm Aid

Environmental Links - Climate
Arguments Against Climate Deniers
Climate Science - Roger Pielke Sr.
Countering Climate Deniers
Intergovernmental Panel On Climate Change
Environmental Links - Other Things
Avaaz Global Initiative
Center for Food Safety
Cleantechnica Clean Energy Blog
EarthRights International
Ecosystem Update
Environmental Defense
Environmental News Network
Environmental Working Group
Farm Wars - Protect Family Farms
Sacred Passage
Way of Nature Fellowship - Reducing CO2

Checking Political Facts
Media Bias Factcheck
Media Matters
Politifact - Sorting out the Truth in Politics

Discover or Report Consumer Ripoffs!
Ripoff Report
Challenge Corporate Personhood!

Political Humor Sites
Church of the Flying
Spaghetti Monster

Jesus' General
Juanita Jean's
This Modern World

News Sources and Blogs
Blacklisted News
Censored News
Consortium News
The Consumerist
Daily Beast
Eschaton by Atrios
Here In Reality
ProPublica - Public Interest News
Reader Supported News
The Raw Story
Tom Dispatch

Activists and Agitators For Positive Change
Amnesty International
Aquila Ka Hecate
Architcts&Engineers for 9-11 Truth
Dark Legacy - Bush Assassinations
Fair Vote - Voting Reform
Indigenous Grandmothers Council
Investigative Journalist Greg Palast
Loose Change (the Movie)
Peaceful Streets - Filming Police
Southern Poverty Law Center
Think Progress
Transition Culture
Wellstone Action - Training Progressive Candidates

Strictly Political
538's Atlas of Redistricting
Citizens for Legit Government
Cook Political Report
Crooks and Liars
DC Report - Tracking Trump's crimes
Digby's Hullabaloo
Fair Redistricting
Head of State - Political Psychology
HuffPolster - Polls
Political Wire
Princeton Election Consortium
Real Clear Politics - Polls
Sabato's Crystal Ball
War Is A

Monitoring Voting Irregularities
Brad Blog
Movie - Murder, Spies, and Voting Lies
Movie - Uncounted
Velvet Revolution

Spotlight on Human Progress
Zero Point - Spiritual Science

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