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I've been worrying a lot lately, and having a hard time prying my mind free from the grip of fear. I know intellectually all this worrying helps no one. It hurts to do it, too. Faith and letting go relieve me but these days I am not as trusting and grounded as I'd prefer to be.


The Mars/Saturn conjunction is spot in the middle of my Sun/Venus/Neptune/South node stellium in Scorpio. :(


Ok..this might seem like a dumb question..but what do you mean by the "root of fear" exactly? I know what I'm afraid of..can list it but I thought the root of those events (death, disease, loss, pain etc) was fear itself. Please clarify so I can get to the root of it! Thanks...

maggie milliette

The nature of the mind is fear. Trying to solve the problem of the mind with the mind cannot be done.
We need grace, a connection to that higher power, source, God,Divine.
The root of fear is part of our being
and cannot be separated or ended. It cannot however be placed in another perspective with divine grace.


Oh, are you saying there are folks who have times when they DON'T have trouble staying focused? (This coming from a Gemini-Piscean.) I have been learning to hang out without being clear about what my path is, and suddenly it seems that many things are simply falling into place, like magic. I'm trying to tune my "listener" and listen and watch for guidance, listen to my feelings and responses to things, stay open, and just be happy while I go about my business. I keep affirming my faith that I am being guided at the right time. I'm noticing all that I have to be thankful for, letting that gratitude well up and spill out, and am listening/reading the news less, which seems to help me at this point in time.

I love your post and the description of what's going on inside us. Thank you!!


This is some kind of poisonous green fog taking us into the void. I suffer with a saturn transit conjunct neptune on the ascendant simultaneously along with neptune conjunct saturn in pisces in the 4th. This is a double dose, actually overdose. I set boundaries with my relationships at work by quitting after 18 years. I felt I had to take responsiblityfor not being respected and allowing them to take advantage of me further. I was done being used and working harder than anyone else there and getting nowhere for all my years of sacrifice. It hurts not having any security and having lost control of my financial future. It wasbad for such a long time and I held it back for my family and our financial well-being but this saturn neptune made the vesuvius effect. I could not stop it. All I could manage was to leave on good or at least decent terms by giving notice and trying to remain calm and dignified when I was really dying inside. Now I feel lost, disillusioned, and very alone in a prison of illusion that is the world.l do not know who I am anymore but I damn sure know who I am not, strange but true. This word is an illusion, it is a dreamscape. I can not find anything to grasp onto that is tangible except my very soul. This world goes against everything I believe in and stand for. I walk amongst the dead while I am still alive. All I can do is dig deeply the graves. I just want saturn and neptune to stop the dance of death.


it makes a lot of sense what you are writing. i am also feeling this void. sometimes i wonder if people who study astrology are more in tune with the plantes and feel it even more when the sky strikes us with harsh aspects. so much personal work to do it can sometimes be overwealming. i know the root of the problem and want to change but then something happens and i am back at square one. so frustrating. it all comes back to self acceptance doesn't it. the hardest part: to love myself through all this when my close one starts pulling back because i am going through a tornado of shadows that come to light. knowing very well that if i don't accept my journey and dislike myself when i fuck up, how can he. thank you for your post.


I experience a lot of clarity, e.g. I get afraid, fear takes me, and I notice what it does to my body, where I tense up (that's 'where it sits') how it ceases, why. A lot of it are old programmes, reflexes.
I find the tides very helpful to learn a lot.

Angela Cantu

It is most definitely a walk thru the dark side in ourselves. Only thing that kept me walking sometimes was a tiny glimmering thread of faith. A tiny thread. And I kept walking. And somehow emerged. Stronger, clearer, more aware of the lightness of the dance. The only faithless thing had been my honoring of myself. Once that crooked thing begins to be put straight, it is a gradual and sometimes painful re-alignment process. My whole way of looking out at the world had been from a skewed perspective. so the world is now new. But in reality it is only my perspective to it. But to me, it is a new world I am emerging into. Seeing who I am now. And now. And now. Somehow we make it thru, and then we turn and lend a hand, until we again are lent a hand. And on it goes. But more together now. We are loosening up. It is truly becoming a Dance.


Faith through the fog (both Neptunian concepts). And the fog is certainly deep.


I've been hearing alot about 'not knowing'. It comes in the form of 'they are not telling us'. It seems to be suspicion around that external something that is supposedly in control of everything.

"without space-time distinctions giving us a convenient frame of reference" . . . well put.

Jo Garceau

Thank you all for your deep sharing. You and I are not alone. Ellen,it breaks my heart. Hang on.


Hi Lee - Yes, it's a strange atmosphere that makes no sense whatsoever. I also have felt very strange things that I haven't felt for years. Mistrust has been there, but for a very good reason, given one very difficult person who is jamming my gears in a very passive aggressive way. Trying to meditate to be receptive to signals what it's about.

Hi Elizabeth - The root of fear is fear at the bottom of one's being. That said, most people are "afraid" of something.

Hi maggie - Actually, the mind cannot fear. It can only define and categorize perceptions. Fear is one of the 4 primal emotions hardwired into the human mechanism. And yes, it can be overcome through regarding that which fears and that which is feared as impermanent constructs happening to a creature that must be loved. And yes, as we completely surrender to our Highest Self, there is only love.

Hi Sara - Some are more able to be distracted than others. I used to be distracted easily, but with mental/spiritual disciplines not so much any more. And yes, sometimes things do fall into place without any conscious effort on our part. Affirmations do help us program in patterns of receptivity to being guided, so bravo!

Hi ellen - Saturn on Neptune crystallizes our ideal, but also makes any deception evident. In the first, it indicates it's time for a new learning rigor and a new definition of self. Neptune on Saturn dissolves our old security systems. 18 years is a Nodal cycle. Obviously you have nothing to learn from the old work. Unfortunately, what happened to you is common. Any ruthless system will work its cogs literally to death, and then throw them aside and plug in new cogs. I've heard from way too many school teachers over the years with that exact frustration. Years of service and sacrifice pounded into the ground through the neo-corporate approach to education.

Glad you could leave on decent terms. Sorry you feel lost, alone, and disillusioned. At least you can plan anew to move toward something more fulfilling. Of course, we're never really alone, and can reprogram our minds to be aware of the life that constantly surrounds us. And a long time ago, I learned I'd rather be disillusioned than illusioned. While it feels lousy, I'd rather be seeing clearly than not.

Yes, the world is a glorious illusion, but also a very real and sentient entity. It is our human constructs that are far more the true illusion, including any sense of separateness we feel. Glad you found your way to your Soul, because if anything is "real," it's Soul (Buddhi). I also have long had the feeling that many in our world, being enslaved to perceptions of "having/not having" or "power/powerlessness" do things that are not in harmony with anything I value or how I live and what I believe a better world would look like.

As for the underworld, we ALL have to walk and even live there at least once in this life. I lived there for many years earlier this life when one who was closer to me than my own breath died. While it was not a fun place to be, it also helped me get beyond fear and many old attachments.

Hi nicole - Knowing astrology does not automatically make someone more aware or sentient. I believe any given "atmospheric condition" leads varied people to varied responses. And yes, there is an element to this period that does feel overwhelming and somehow awful and unnecessary. Our tests sometimes do feel like we're back at square 1, but in truth we aren't since we've learned more than we knew when we were at square 1 before. And you're most welcome.

Hi Vetch - Blessings on whatever becomes clear during this weird time! I am observing it in my body instincts, and have had to take a breath and step back from reacting on the basis of what I'm feeling. There does seem to be tremendous tension in the air right now. I'm sure seeing it in people I know. And yes, it's great for reprogramming old reflex responses.

Hi Angela Cantu - I've been dealing with more than one who definitely are walking on the "dark side" of power. I suppose I could abandon the field to them, but to do that would have consequences. I believe you're on to something when you write "And I kept walking. And somehow emerged. Stronger, clearer, more aware of the lightness of the dance." New perspectives do lead to a new life, new world, new expectations, and new manifestations. We are truly all in this together.

Hi Lainie - In Austin many decades ago, the rallying cry was "Onward through the fog!" All gratitude to Oat Willie.

Hi caliban - In fact, there is some of that "they are not telling us" that is very true. There are powerful forces in our world that really don't care about the well-being of humanity, and they are not telling us anything about what they're doing to make things worse. Power keeps power by keeping "the other" ignorant.

Hi Jo Garceau - It's truly getting thick, heavy, and deep, but at least we are not alone, and together we're more aware and more capable than we are separately.


My most sincere gratitude to you for your thoughtful and illuminating response Robert. I feel fortunate for the help and affirmation given with your soul of great light. Thank you to Jo Garcia for the gift of loving compassion, may it come back to you a millionfold. Thanks to all of you out there for being people who want the world to grow into a better place for us all. Blessings to each and every one of you


Ellen, I am so sorry for your circumstance, I truly am. It sounds so familiar. I have often written to Robert, I guess to vent, or have him give astrology a kick in the pants for me and those in your circumstance. So much negative, all the time. That being said, everyone needs time to grieve. You owe that to yourself, but since your new season is approaching, you have no other choice but to move on and put those memories behind you, and Lord knows that in itself is difficult.

I have met many people in my life with stories such as these, and they are all heart breaking. That said, I am a true believer that every dog has its day. It may not be today, or tomorrow, but the day will come. It doesn't change what has happened to you, but it's nice knowing they will not go unjudged by life.

Being lost myself with circumstances that I still don't believe ever happened, the only thing you can do is put one foot in front of the other. I know it doesn't help you today so much, but I know it will help you tomorrow. Life knew it was time for you to go, and so you have. Evidently, life has something waiting for you that will make all this a bad memory.


Norm, thank you for taking time to offer me your kind words and consideration. I know that what you say is true and it is a great help to hear these words of truth and wisdom. Your soul shines forth as one of true beauty and I know that you will be someday rewarded in your own circumstances for your love and kindness shown to me. I very much hope that things will improve for you and that what you have lost can be repaired , replaced, forgotten or transformed into a better life in every way for you. This may take a while but I know it will come for you. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I really appreciate it very much. Peace be with you


This is a truly beautiful post've obviously caught the wave and are riding


For what it's worth, I just read this morning that "avoidance of injury constitutes one of the most ancient motives of the human animal", in a book called The Value of Life, Biological Diversity and Human Society. I think a 'fear response' is not necessarily bad, it's just a warning. So to take the fear out of the warning is the feat for me. But this comes from one virgo who has had to learn to temper her panic. My nervous system just can't handle it. Zzt zzt.


Hi Norm - Thanks for checking in with your words of support. We're all in this together, and are not nearly as alone as we feel. And yes, much slips down the timestream fairly quickly, and we find we've made it through the night to a better day.

Hi Gaye - Thanks. Surfing as best as I can....

Hi Caliban - I agree, but as I've noted for years, fear was useful when we had to learn to sense when we were about to become dinner for sabertooth tigers, but not so much any more. I mean really, if we're in the street and a bus is barreling down, fear is useless. We simply need to get our feet in motion!! Same with fear about what someone might do. Better to remove ourselves from whatever situation is associated with the fear, while remembering that fear is a useless response and a dangerous disease. Feeling it tells us we must face it squarely so it ceases to trouble us.

So I'm for expunging the fear response, while cultivating discernment, mindfulness, and objectivity about the uselessness of fear. "Taking fear out of the warning" is one of the better ways I've heard it put. Be alert to potential problems, but don't fear. Just get it in gear!!!


I just don't like fear. It's not fun. And so limiting.

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